• January 24, 2022
 Cornyn Urges Acting DHS Secretary to Prioritize Efficiency of Trade, Travel at Texas Ports of Entry

Cornyn Urges Acting DHS Secretary to Prioritize Efficiency of Trade, Travel at Texas Ports of Entry

WASHINGTON— On Wednesday U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) sent a letter to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan urging him to prioritize efficiency at Texas’ ports of entry as he develops a strategy to address the humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border:

“The diversion of frontline CBP personnel from these ports, and the threat of a possible closure in the future, threatens to have a debilitating impact on the overall health of Texas’ economy,” Sen. Cornyn wrote.

“Some Texas ports of entry have reported cross-border wait times in excess of seven hours, resulting in lost revenue and perished goods. In the coming days, many individuals on both the U.S. and Mexican sides of the border will begin to celebrate the Semana Santa holiday, a time of historically increased travel which will result in further strains and likely increased wait times at our most active land border crossings.

“As you develop a long-term strategy to deal with the concerning trends on our southern border, I ask that you strongly consider all available options at your disposal to ensure that Texas’ ports of entries may operate as efficiently as possible. The legitimate trade and travel coming through those arteries not only impacts the economies of both Texas’ border region and state, but also the flow of goods throughout the entire nation.”


Full text of the letter is below.


April 10, 2019

The Honorable Kevin McAleenan

Acting Secretary

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20229


Dear Acting Secretary McAleenan:

I am writing to you today to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border. I share your desire to secure our nation’s border and stem the flow of illegal immigration, while also ensuring the free flow of legitimate trade and commerce.

In response to the current situation on our southern border, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) circulated a memorandum on April 1, 2019, outlining a new operation to address the ongoing crisis. This memorandum directed the temporary reassignment of personnel and resources from across Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) organization (many of which were assigned to southern land ports of entry) to process arriving immigrants and asylum seekers. Many of these officers, who had been working tirelessly to process perishable goods and travelers, have now been faced with managing a national migrant crisis. I strongly agree the current trends at our southern border are unsustainable and I recognize the severe strain this increase in apprehensions and asylum claims has put on our men and women in uniform. While I support CBP’s unwavering effort to effectively meet its mandate, I am gravely concerned about the consequences that the recently announced diversion of resources is having on our nation’s ports of entry.

As you know, the State of Texas is home to 29 air, land, and sea ports of entry – more than any other state in the nation. Many of these ports of entry, particularly those on our shared border with Mexico, are some of the busiest ports in terms passenger and vehicle processing volume in the United States. The diversion of frontline CBP personnel from these ports, and the threat of a possible closure in the future, threatens to have a debilitating impact on the overall health of Texas’ economy. Some Texas ports of entry have reported cross-border wait times in excess of seven hours, resulting in lost revenue and perished goods. In the coming days, many individuals on both the U.S. and Mexican sides of the border will begin to celebrate the Semana Santa holiday, a time of historically increased travel which will result in further strains and likely increased wait times at our most active land border crossings.

As you develop a long-term strategy to deal with the concerning trends on our southern border, I ask that you strongly consider all available options at your disposal to ensure that Texas’ ports of entries may operate as efficiently as possible. The legitimate trade and travel coming through those arteries not only impacts the economies of both Texas’ border region and state, but also the flow of goods throughout the entire nation.

Thank you for your continued service to our nation. I look forward to working with you moving forward to address the problems that our CBP personnel continue to face on a daily basis.




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            The only written policy is the one that was mentioned previously. “…comments that are graphically sexual in nature will no longer be approved. Additionally, overt threatening posts will not be approved.”

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    And John Cornyn don’t understand that he is not a problem solution solver, he is the problem along with his party.Donald Trump has created long lines at the International bridges on the Southern border with Mexico.
    This affects our commerce and trade with our neighbors in Mexico and throughout the world.
    But republicans are fools and Donald Trump and Cornyn are ignorant idiots.
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    • After two and a half years of countless mainstream media “scoops” and “bombshells” that turned out to be false or nonexistent, the American people finally have some concrete answers on Russiagate. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller released his 448-page report on Russian interference in the 2016 election on Thursday, some of the investigation’s conclusions debunked once and for all many misleading, and anonymously sourced, conspiracy theories.
      Here are some of the most prominent stories the press got wrong about the Russian collusion narrative.
      1. Michael Cohen Never Went To Prague
      The infamous Christopher Steele dossier, which was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, alleged that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with Federation Council foreign affairs head Konstantin Kosachev in Prague. Desperately wanting to confirm this, news outlets sent reporters to hotels all over Prague checking hotel logs.
      In April 2018, McClatchy reported Mueller had obtained evidence of Cohen’s visit to the Czech Republic, according to two anonymous sources. In December 2018, they reported that Cohen’s cell phone, or a device registered to him, was pinged off towers near Prague.
      The Mueller report debunked this piece of the dossier once and for all when the special counsel wrote, “Cohen had never traveled to Prague and was not concerned about those allegations, which he believed were provably false.” McClatchy has now added a two sentence editor’s note to their two reports on Cohen.
      EDITOR’S NOTE: Robert Mueller’s report to the attorney general states that Mr. Cohen was not in Prague. It is silent on whether the investigation received evidence that Mr. Cohen’s phone pinged in or near Prague, as McClatchy reported.
      2. Carter Page Was Not a Russian Agent
      Carter Page was the main link between the Trump campaign and Russia. He was a one-time foreign policy adviser on the Trump campaign, has spent time in Russia, and has many contacts with the foreign adversary. The dubious Steele dossier alleged that Page held secret meetings with allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin during his trips to Moscow.
      These connections are perhaps the only evidence presented by the media who were convinced Page was a Russian spy (and the only evidence used by the FBI to seek a surveillance warrant against Page, but I digress).
      Mueller finally put this myth to rest in his report, asserting they found no evidence Page coordinated with Russia on behalf of the Trump campaign.
      Russian intelligence officials had formed relationships with Page in 2008 and 2013 and Russian officials may have focused on Page in 2016 because of his affiliation with the Campaign. However, the investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
      3. Donald Trump Did Not Direct Cohen to Lie to Congress
      In January 2019, BuzzFeed News dropped what was supposed to be “bombshell” report, alleging that Trump had directed Cohen to lie to Congress about a potential real estate deal in Moscow. They also reported that Mueller’s office had evidence of these alleged lies.
      The special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. Cohen then acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office.
      In February, Cohen told Congress under oath that the president never directed him to lie, and now the Mueller report is confirming the contrary report as false:
      Cohen said that he and the President did not explicitly discuss whether Cohen’s testimony about the Trump Tower Moscow project would be or was false, and the President did not direct him to provide false testimony. Cohen also said he did not tell the President about the specifics of his planned testimony.
      4. Cohen’s Call With a Russian Did Not Prove Collusion
      In November 2018, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reported on live television that “The President was compromised by a hostile foreign government, full stop.” Hayes proposed this was the only conclusion to take from Cohen’s admission that he lied to Congress.
      The Mueller report investigated Cohen’s phone call with a personal assistant to a Russian official, and found no evidence that they ever followed up or acted on that initial phone call about a Trump Tower in Moscow.
      “Cohen could not recall any direct follow-up from Poliakova or from any other representative of the Russian government, nor did the Office identify any evidence of direct follow-up,” the Mueller report concluded.
      5. Paul Manafort Was Not Funneling Polling Data to Putin
      Many reporters used Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s past business dealings in Russia to prove he was a Russian stooge, but one reporter, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, was particularly confident that Manafort’s activities proved collusion on the Trump campaign once and for all.
      These new revelations combined with earlier reports effectively end the debate about whether there was ‘collusion’ between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. There was. It wasn’t marginal. It was happening at the very top of the campaign. The campaign manager was secretly funneling campaign data and information to a Russian oligarch closely tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin…
      The Mueller report thoroughly debunked the theory that Manafort was sharing polling data with Putin in order to win the election.
      The Office did not identify evidence of a connection between Manafort’s sharing polling data and Russia’s interference in the election, which had already been reported by U.S. media outlets at the time of the August 2 meeting. The investigation did not establish that Manafort otherwise coordinated with the Russian government on its election-interference efforts.
      6. The Trump Campaign Did Not Make Republicans Soften Their Position on Ukraine
      MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow passionately presented her theory that in 2016, before the Republican National Convention, the Trump campaign convinced Republicans to soften their policy positions on Russia, and to abandon advocating for supplying Ukraine with weapons to fight off Russian invasion.
      “We definitely do have evidence that the Trump campaign was working to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue,” Maddow said.
      The Mueller report debunked this conspiracy theory outright:
      The investigation did not establish that one Campaign official’s efforts to dilute a portion of the Republican Party platform on providing assistance to Ukraine were undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia.
      7. Jeff Sessions Was Not a Russian Spy
      The Washington Post reported a “big scoop” in March 2017, alleging that then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with Russians and lied about it in his confirmation hearing. They reported that, as a Senator, Sessions had a private meeting in his office with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
      “The previously undisclosed discussions could fuel new congressional calls for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russia’s alleged role in the 2016 presidential election,” the Post wrote.
      They also reported that Sessions and Kislyak met and talked at an event, which turned out to be a Heritage Foundation event that included 50 other ambassadors in the room.
      The Mueller report states that the special counsel investigated Kislyak’s encounters with both Sessions and members of the Trump campaign, and found neither to be evidence of collusion. He wrote that Kislyak’s interactions with Trump campaign officials were “brief, public, and non-substantive,” and that Kislyak and Sessions’s meeting in the Senator’s office discussed nothing “more than a passing mention of the presidential campaign.”
      These are just a few of the truths finally unearthed in the aftermath of Russiagate. At this point, the damage these media outlets have done to their own credibility may be beyond repair.

      • You sure have a serious back up collection of National Enquirers propaganda whitewash Fake News here Neanderthalus Kill trumpTURD!
        It took you what? about four hours to cut out and paste this garbage then post it here on the EPHP. INSANE waste of time….

      • The President of the United States did not conspire with the Russians. Neither did his family. Neither did his friends. Neither did his campaign. At the end of the Robert Mueller investigation – now clearly staffed and advanced by partisans who loathe this president – not one single American, after all that, has been indicted or charged with any crime for conspiring with the Russians in any way, shape, or form to steal the 2016 election. That is now an indisputable fact. The uncomfortable reality is that we spent two years being fed the most irresponsible allegations advanced by an ignorant punditocracy gone savage for this idea, which should raise all sorts of questions about our political, intelligence, and media elites who sold us this crazy story and promised the American people the proof that never came.
        The juiciest portion of the report from the perspective of the media yesterday was the president’s outburst upon being told of the appointment of Mueller as special counsel following Jeff Sessions’ recusal and the firing of James Comey – from the searchable report here:
        [W]hen Sessions told the President that a Special Counsel had been appointed, the President slumped back in his chair and said, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f***ed.” The President became angry and lambasted the Attorney General for his decision to recuse from the investigation, stating, “How could you let this happen, Jeff?”
        The President said the position of Attorney General was his most important appointment and that Sessions had “let [him] down,” contrasting him to Eric Holder and Robert Kennedy. Sessions recalled that the President said to him, “you were supposed to protect me,” or words to that effect. The President returned to the consequences of the appointment and said, “Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency . It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”
        He wasn’t wrong! The cloud created by this investigation in the aftermath of Comey’s utterly deserved firing (for incompetence above all else, but it’s just as justified for any reason, including being an Emo Giraffe) would hamper the administration at every turn, in foreign and domestic politics, and ultimately became a constant battle for the president throughout the past two years.
        And now we know it was all for naught. Well, glad that’s settled – except for the bitter enders who continue to insist they see the ghosts. And one can understand why: If you spent two years confident that Don Jr. was going to jail, it’s impossible to persist as a media commentator admitting your wrongness – better to double down and insist the conspiracy goes even deeper than you ever suspected.
        The obstruction portion of the Report was even less impressive. It advances a broad definitional theory of obstruction that takes eight pages to explain – one that is clearly set up as a response to Bill Barr’s memo on the subject – that I’d love to see a single elected official explain coherently. There’s much fun to be had in counting the footnotes that are Tweets, public interviews, and press conferences. As Rick Klein notes, the Report is more about making a political case against the president than a legal one. And that’s very much how it reads.
        The president frequently behaved in private as he does in public: he threatened, proffered pardons, and cajoled those around him to make this investigation end or go away. He was at every turn bounded, rejected, or ignored by those who work for him who were unwilling to break any laws on his behalf. Don McGahn should win an MVP award. Does this make the president look bad? Of course it does! Is it surprising? To me, not at all – he was doing all this in public, too. This is what being governed by the first 2,000 people through the gate at the Bruins game looks like.
        But at the end of the day, no laws were clearly broken, so Mueller, like Comey before him, decided to reach a “no exoneration” conclusion that smears the target of the investigation without advancing a legal argument for his indictment – kicking the matter instead to Congress, where politicians are left with a partial roadmap to impeachment, but hardly enough fuel for that train.
        How can we know that to be the case? Just look at the instant reaction of Democratic leadership, where Steny Hoyer is speaking for Nancy Pelosi. They have zero interest in taking the matter up. In taking this position, they are relying on voluminous poll data showing that the American people long ago tuned out this investigation and do not believe impeachment is justified. They are also taking signals from the 2020 Democratic field, where none of the leading candidates is pushing for impeachment, and where questions about Mueller or Russia are virtually nonexistent on the campaign trail. That’s unlikely to change.
        The challenge of course for Democratic leadership is that the biggest constituency for impeachment is the media, which yesterday was urging Democrats to impeach the president. They are happy to leave this question to the voters. Media partisans immediately freaked out at Hoyer for saying what any responsible leader ought to say. The mantra of the media is that the White House is dominated by a “culture of lying” – shocking, I say. 2019 George Stephanopoulos repeated that this morning, and watching him make the case that a culture of lying is an impeachable offense would be pretty hilarious news for 1998 George Stephanopoulos. But if you’re willing to claim out of nowhere that 20 years of watching Fox News turned Bill Barr into a Trumpian figure, you’re willing to go pretty far out there.
        So this sets up an interesting phenomenon. The Democratic Leadership is wisely pumping the brakes on impeachment. The majority of the Democratic conference is with them. The majority of the American people are with them. But influential partisans are in favor of such a foolhardy escapade, despite all the facts we now know, driven by their hatred of this president and a refusal to acknowledge how wrong they were about how he got elected. Much as its authors tried, the report does not aid them in this effort. As David Harsanyi notes, “It went from ‘Russia stole the election with Trump’ to ‘Trump spoke about trying to undermine the investigation that was being used to smear him every day for two years.’” That’s just not going to fly. But influential elites in politics and media are now reduced to this conspiracy of dunces, imitating Homer Simpson chasing after that marvelous pig, insisting it’s still good.

        • I’M More than PROUD TO BE A Donald Trump HATER!, JUNIOR!
          all of your long winded comments are nothing but lies!
          You are in total denial along with your fake comments.
          Mueller did not exonerate the fascist NAZI Donald Trump,you should know better.other than being here talking to yourself.
          The party take down of Donald Trump is only three days old! so enjoy the ride,for in the end you are going to be very disappointed.
          James Comey is a tall descent respectable man,even though I loath him like scum, since he is a republican.
          Think about it Junior, if Trump hadn’t fired Comey he wouldn’t be facing obstruction by the democrats.
          Just to name a few, CROOKED, Donald J Trump is a LOADED CULT “45”! CRIME WAVE!
          Russia’s greatest asset to the United States.
          When William Barr hands over the full Mueller report to the democrats! you’ll see what it’s like to be a deplorable trumpTURD!
          What is he hiding that he don’t want the American public to see about the Mueller report?

  • Well then since there are only one CUCARACHA MAGGOT posting as TWO MUTATED WHITE VERMIN’S! LOL!
    you are most pathetic. What I like about Donald Trump’s corruption is that it sure makes time fly fast for me,
    everyday there is never a dull moment in the news. I don’t even have to smoke weed, just by watching Trump lie and deny all the time…….GIVES ME MY CURADAS! you maggots don’t understand El Chuco Talk!
    And I don’t get my news source info from Fox DEEP STATE WHITE SUPREMACIST FAKE News! like Y’ALL brainwashed wet rats do.
    Try watching CNN or MSNBC, that is genuine REAL AMERICAN NEWS! where I get my facts from,sure from time to time they have a republican. On their news cast just to watch him or her snap and start lying right before the news viewers.
    But that’s besides the point, because I love nothing more than giving you,your daily beat downs.
    You won’t admit it because you happen to be part of the Donald Trump deplorable base, and you come here and post,first as Fero, then you change your screen name to Original MAGA 11 minutes later.
    It’s the same o same o with you, just like over at the KKKVIA forum,I guess if you post with many different names you then have a whole army of trumpTURDS.
    Well! whatever turns you on!
    Now so you say they lost the election, WHO’S THEY? Trump didn’t win the presidency, RUSSIA DELIVERED IT TO HIM, courtesy of the electoral college.
    Donald Trump lost by 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton! it’s the electoral college where the Russians were busy at work. With Pennsylvania,Minnesota,Wisconsin and Michigan, plus voter suppression in Michigan and Wisconsin and gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.
    I see where you are coming from,it’s the new republican victory lap,by saying time to move on.
    NO IT’S NOT TIME to move on,Y’ALL want people to forget and just move on?
    It’s not going to happen! we are not going to forget and just move on! just because you demand or say so.
    I’m here for the long haul, I’m here to see Donald Trump go down! Donald Trump has brought nothing but embarrassment to the White House! and to all Americans, he is a total disgrace of shame.
    I’m not crying, I’m Laughing at Y’ALL!
    So instead of feeling sorry for me! save that sorrow for yourself! because I sure wouldn’t ever feel sorry for you. Republicans are the most mean spirited,lying ignorant tribal neanderthalus bunch of idiots.
    And you were the ones crying about me cussing Y’ALL out! And I still make you cry,even without using any profanity. The only reason that I even bothered to use profanity is that profanity is the only language Y’ALL can understand! That’s a FACT! because Donald Trump uses profanity all the time, even on public TV or at his hate rallies.
    MY BAD? I’m only talking to one Vermin who likes to post with two screen names! I’ll just call you #LA Llorona! Waah waah waah waah, I lost my Chiva! Waaaah…
    DONALD TRUMP FOR PRISON IN 2021! there’s your four years of waste Locos!!!

    I here to see Donald Trump go down

    • Paranoid much? Speaking of using and abusing multiple aliases at KVIA/Disqus. Who’s crazy? rofl.

      High420Lonesome, Raid98, Daniel Flores, Feroe the Ghost, Julie J, Hank, Raul, Roman, Eddie Munster, disqus_XdhZJROpik, Susan Elizabeth Warren, Pavlov’s Dawg, Fly Zit and many more.

      • Man dude Fero da goat! you are really that moronic paranoid and very stupid. I always use my 420 avatar everywhere, except here on the El Paso Herald Post.
        Those individuals you mentioned are not me, you brainwashed maggot! I remember Raid98, he is a real person,but I can’t identify the rest as they also must be real people. But I’m more than sure that you are very busy over at the KVIA forum deleting all of their comments, because they are democrats,just like you enjoyed deleting my post all the time.
        On the KVIA commenting forum, Kevin Lowell don’t believe in the First Amendment free speech! He’s a republican just like you,except he comes to El Paso from the prejudice Texas Panhandle.
        You are probably auditioning to the El Paso herald Post to see if they allow you to become their censorship moderator. Are you look for work?
        You lie and you lose all the time! even when I mentioned the 1964 Civil Rights Act! you went’s apechit.
        Did you even finish high school? did you learn any American history?
        Like I said before, I’m here for the long haul! even if Donald Trump don’t remain in power when his time is up in 2020.
        I’ll still be here commenting about him as they drag him off to prison.
        HEY! you just missed hitting the Donald Trump PINATA! again, are you that blind even without a blindfold?
        The party is on it’s second day now! take another swing at the Donald Trump Pinata! get a little closer,are you too short?
        Swing again,you missed.
        By any chance did you belong to that wacko groups known as Qanon or Alt-Right?
        Since you psycho republicans come up with all sorts of BS! makes Donald Trump’s going away party the more merrier time consuming.
        Take NOTE that Trump is GOING CRAZIER about the Mueller Report!
        And subpoenas are being issued by the democrats to get to full un redacted report that William Barr is hiding from them.
        can you answer that Fero?
        I’ll keep educating you with my beat downs!

        • RE: High420Lonesome, Raid98, Daniel Flores, Feroe the Ghost, Julie J, Hank, Raul, Roman, Eddie Munster, disqus_XdhZJROpik, Susan Elizabeth Warren, Pavlov’s Dawg, Fly Zit and many more.

          You are a terrible liar Alberto. All of those aliases are yours and you know it. Regardless the truth prevails. Raid98 is you by your own admission. You first started using the Raid98 alias when you returned to El Paso from the bay area (CA) around 2010. Back in 1998 you lived in Oakland and were a big fan of the Oakland Raiders. You used that alias frequently to go one on one with that Wraith character.

          On the 420 avatar claim you don’t have or use one at KVIA/Diisqus. High420Lonesome is definitely you again by your own admission. You are a self proclaimed pothead even here on EPHP and brag about it. The 420 part is April 20, marijuana celebration day. The Lonesome part is where you like to be alone and sit on top of one of the Franklin Mountains all by your poor lonesome hating the world.

          For the rest of the aliases shown Disqus confirms the IP addresses originate from your service providers. When you block someone on Disqus it looks at your IP address. That way when you come back with another user name to harass it shows a block. Then a simple matter of seeing who the block is against. You can deny all you want but basically you left your fingerprints to incriminate yourself.

          The disqus_XdhZJROpik alias you use quite often matches your IP address and specifically your M.O. The TDS in the posts show it’s you. The ranting shows it is you. Also, you constantly attack anyone who disagrees with you. You hate all the so called Trumptards. You never contribute anything good to the article topic. You just act like a Pitbull attack dog. Further with that alias you post mainly from 12:00 am to 4:00 am habitually due to insomnia. This is by your own admission. You claimed you have insomnia because you attended too many rave parties when you were back in California. Also you post late hoping no moderator sees and deletes your nasty ad hominem posts. But sooner or later they catch it and take action against you.

          In closing you are an internet troll 24/7. Obviously you have nothing better to do with your worthless life. You are one pitiful and troubled person. As I stated before seek help.

          • I don’t know who Danial Flores,Feroe the ghost,Julie J,Hank,Roman,Eddie Munster,disqus_XdhZJROpik,Susan Elizabeth Warren,Pavlov’s Dawg,,Fly Zit!
            All I know is that Raid98 use to swing around the KVIA forum every now and then and I would gladly give him votes up!
            The other one you mentioned is disqus_X what’s his face! I never cared for him because he was on the anti downtown arena side.
            You sure like to exaggerate as you falsely fabricated all your lies and make false allegations, and misrepresent who I am.
            I don’t have to ever hide from anyone, and as I said before I am the 420 man! I do smoke pot but I also do respect Texas State law, and pot is illegal in this most oppressive Red Neck state.
            I’t use to piss me off when people would cap on Texas and make fun of our state with many insane jokes about it.
            I learned the hard way, that Texas is not the center of the Earth, and yes everything is bigger in Texas. But not better, California is WAY BETTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL, better climate,better environment,it has way more class than Texas. It’s a way better place to live in, and jobs are plentiful,that is why I left El Paso and resettled in San Francisco. And like they old saying goes, when one door closes another door opens! That was the way it was for me at first in San Francisco till one day,the government came calling. They needed my good expertise, I gladly accepted, they hired me full time and I held on to my job.
            I worked very hard, was dedicated to my work,I took my job seriously,scores of employees loved my daily smiles.
            And yes, I’m braggadociously bragging about myself,and I know that is what pains you about me, my great success!
            You Fero are jealous and you envy me, you are such a waste of human life. I don’t give a damn about your miserable life, I use to post freely on the KVIA forum,when Phantom Renegade started to attack my comments. He then change his avatar screen name to Wraith! who knows what ever became to the low life creep.
            Then Mad Mike came into the picture and Jeff Allen and Gee Dubb, all these names were legitimate with one big ?.
            You are the one that I strongly believe started off as Deplorable’s Won! Before long you switched your avatar screen name to #LLH, then to Watch Dawg then to Fero the Goat. It’s you that uses many screen names not me.
            I’m proud of my screen name.
            I use to use my screen name on another forum, but then decided to add the 420 in the middle of it.
            And that screen name is very popular,and it makes the far right angry with hate and name calling.
            Nothing about my ISP is true like you claim,sure the El paso Herald Post has it and so does the KVIA forum, and also BREITBART NEWS!
            Yea, I use to venture there to give the deplorable’s a hard time by correcting them. They just couldn’t handled me!!!!
            BTW! I’m retired from my work now,and I collect a good government pension. That should make you even more envious about me, whether I stay up late at night or wake up early in the morning with a cup of coffee.
            What is it to your business, mind your own business is what you should do, and get a life.
            About the rave parties, I actually only attended one rave party in San Francisco! with No Drugs! didn’t like it.
            And you mentioned the Franklin Mountains! there is where I got my avatar name. There was a magazine writer doing a documentary about our mountains back in 1987.
            Great story how he wrote about El Paso being the only city in Texas with a mountain range.
            You have to explore your own imagination and think with your mind.
            Obviously you are missing all that, and a little weed adds more to the glamour!
            Weed don’t kill you,you don’t die from overdose,and you don’t catch cancer by smoking it and it don’t make you do criminal things or makes you stupid.
            You use it in moderation,kick back and relax, and sometimes it heals you from many things.
            Of course, you are way to ignorant to understand this.
            I’m willing to bet that you come from a dysfunctional family,both you and mad Mike! That makes both of you losers,liars and deniers.
            Till Donald Trump came and kicked you in your maggot filled skulls. And asked you to follow him to dooms day.
            It’s way too late now,you reached to point of NO RETURN!
            That is why Donald Trump loves the UNEDUCATED, Donald Trump like you Fero, never served in the military and Mad Mike got a bad conduct discharge from the Army.
            There is no hope for you Fero! you are too damn ugly and you stink like a goat. Baaaaa Baaaa!
            Correction: I don’t call you Trumptards, I call you trumpTURDS! learn how to read,you loser.
            TRUMP FOR PRISON IN 2021.
            enough of your lies Texas?
            Get off your wooden horse and Join the real world,the free world.
            OH! and BTW! I’m not an Oakland Raider fan,even though I did attend some games in Oakland.
            I’m a San Francisco 49er fan,even met Eddie Debartalo in person one time and John York to, but I no longer do football! Talk to them and shook their hands, I also met Kamala Harris and shook her hand too.PRICELESS!!!!!!
            Prior to that I was a Dallas Cowboy fan till Jerry Jones fired coach Tom Landry.
            Since you are writing a book about me, feel free to document that into my biography Fero.
            I won’t be there to catch you in your fall.
            I’M PROUD TO BE A TRUMP HATER!!!!!

    • Obviously nobody beats Alberto when it comes to bleating out profanity. Especially when you have a limited regular vocabulary. No doubt a by-product of El Paso’s poor education system and liberalism which is clearly a mental disease.

  • What an idiot and so delusional. Alberto tripling down on his Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)…………..PRICELESS!

    BTW – You’d be better off seeing a shrink versus ranting here. No one reads your rants. LMAO.

    • Fero,

      You are correct!! When I see his drivel I just move on…I really hope he seeks some help – not for him/herself but for the rest of the population.


  • You read my rants here Jerry Rodol the Fero goat! PRICELESS TDS! that’s all you JERRY! Deplorable’s Won!
    #LLH Watch Dawg!
    Is the tattoo business slow,or is the IRS busy on your tail! come on, you put down El Paso’s education system and you use all of Jerry’s Rodol’s words,Like priceless and delusional.
    It’s a pattern from you because you don’t know much about anything other than putting tattoos on guys private parts.
    And living with a whole bunch of them so that can help you pay your rent,since you never can make ends meet.
    BTW! I’m also a spirited healer, tarot card reader,psychic,man of wisdom and fortune telling with my crystal ball, and I can see you evolving in “HELL” all the time, say HI to your mom and dad since you’re down there most of the time.

    • Like you predicted crooked Hillary would win the November 2016 election and Texas would become a blue state. How’d that work out for you? LMAO. The bottom line is you and your fellow delusional libtards are butt hurt from losing the election. Nothing will change that fact. Plus with your buddy Beto losing that just added icing on the cake. Trump wins, YOU constantly lose! Again happy TDS for the next 6 years. Satan loves you. rofl.

      • Like Donald Trump kept repeating during his campaign hate rallies over and over! I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED!!!! And Fero crawls out from under his rock as many other basket of deplorable’s also crawled out from under their rocks.
        Make NO MISTAKE Fero! Hillary Clinton did win, she got the most votes,3 million more votes than Donald Trump. But there is this rigged system called the electoral college,that enables the loser to end up winning.
        The United States is the only democracy that has this stupid idiot electoral college stuff. All other democracies in the world only have the vote of the people. And the candidate that gets the most votes wins, and the same should pertain to the United States.
        Say that you and me are in a 12 round boxing match, and I constantly have you on under the ropes. Before the 3 minute round is over, I KO you out cold, yea your all bruised up and bleeding all over. Then the bell rings and we go for another round, and once again I clobber you over and over again.
        Then finally on the 12 round the bell rings again and we fight till the end, and I trounce you with a left hook, and knock you out dead cold.
        The Ref raises my right arm and declares me the champion, and everyone cheers my victory. Then I go hit the showers and when I come out, you are the declared winner because I broke all of your teeth and nose,and the ref felt sorry for you. So yes Hillary Clinton did win the presidential election but the Russians and the electoral college helped Donald Trump steal the election away from Hillary.
        And then again, with Beto O’Rourke, I bet you that Ted Cruz took him lightly when he found out that he had a democratic challenger. In fact Ted Cruz never heard about El Paso, let alone even knew that El Paso was in Texas.
        And for the first time he knew that his senate seat was at up for grabs, so he decided to come to El Paso to see if El Paso was really in the United States.
        remember that Ted Cruz is from Canada not from Texas and not from the the United States. Ted Cruz only won by 200,000 more votes, it wasn’t even expected to be that close, as more democrat voters voted,mostly the young people.
        You can thank all the illegal gerrymandering that Rick Perry did to most Texas voting districts! Let alone the voter suppression telling all minorities that they need five different ID cards in order to vote in a presidential election.
        Texas was a Blue state before Karl Rove interfered into Texas politics, he corrupted George W Bush and got Rick Perry to switch parties.
        But remember that Donald Trump loves the uneducated and that means that he really loves you dearly to his heart. If you were a woman,he have no problem groping you and sexually assaulting you, and you would like it.
        Then you spank him with a National Inquire magazine on his butt,then he give you his fat orange mushroom head. And get his fixer Michael Cohen to give you a $130,000 hush money payment.And tell David Pecker to catch and kill the story,so you wouldn’t ell anyone about your one night stand with Donald Trump.
        And BTW, Donald Trump could shoot you right in the middle of Fifth Avenue in NYC, right between your eyes,and get away with it. And another deplorable would take your place,simple as that.
        And this TDS thing is all about you and the 35% of the basket of deplorable’s.
        Donald Trump came riding down the golden escalators of the Trump Tower on June 16,2015. Kicked Y’ALL in your butts and woke Y’ALL UP! for a four year Bust or nothing but embarrassment and delusion.
        You are stuck on Trump,you love his fat mushroom head,you can’t let go of it because you like it.
        I don’t love Satan like you do Fero! Satan sent you to the surface of the earth to do his recruiting for him! Ever see a goat with sharp teeth? that’s you Fero.
        Mad Mike said that he went down to hell to look for you, and that your mother said you weren’t home.
        How could I be hurt when we gave you a good beating during the 2018 midterm elections? We took back the congress by 40 seats, and in 2020 we are going to win back the senate. Trump still might not get impeached, but he sure is a hell of a lot of trouble, and the democrats are going to make him pay for all of his crimes,obstructions and collusion’s with the Russians and child rape.
        Mueller did not exonerate him, so get that off your uneducated maggot infested skull. 2020 is coming and you’ll be crawling back under your hot rock in hell for good.
        I can hear Y’ALL as you descend back to the ENFERNO!of Hell!!!! saying….
        CHUMP! CHUMP! CHUMP! CHUMP! so much winning with CHUMP!
        CHUMP FOR PRISON IN 2021!
        Take another victory lap Fero?

        • Delusional Alberto in his alternate universe as usual. I bet you are off your psycho meds. Happy TDS for the next 6 years. Trump winning Alberto sorely losing. LMAO.

  • I know that you democrats hate the Constitution and our Founding Fathers but you should try reading the Constitution and the Federalist Papers some day although I seriously doubt you will be able understand any of it

    • I’m more than willing to bet you The Original Maggot and Fero the GoatTurd that NONE of you have ever served in the United States Armed Forces! You are all chicken $hit Cowards.
      Look at BONE SPUR Donald Trump! his father Fred Trump asked a doctor that rented an apartment from him to issue Donald Trump several deferments to avoid the draft and going to the Vietnam war.
      AS you two have no excuse whatsoever! Fero is a coward, he has a tattoo of a skull on the upper right side of his ugly face. I know, I saw it,the skull is missing it’s lower jaw,typical baboso!
      And you Original Maggot,you don’t know nothing about the United States Constitution, and you don’t even know who the man’s picture is on the one dollar bill.
      But you sure do know who your hero and idol is, Vladimir Putin.

      • Oh look it’s delusional Alberto at it again. Living in his fantasy world. You have me confused with one of those characters in your head. Schizo much? Regardless game on moron. I’ll meet you at the Ft. Bliss Rod & Gun Club. Name the date and time. Be sure to bring your DD214 if you have one. But oh wait this was a previous offer and you failed to show……COWARD!

        • You sound more like you are making a threat, why the hell do I want to meet a dirty scumbag like you with a loaded weapon!
          You never made any previous offer to meet me unless you happen to be Rob Nelp! I’m not afraid of you,but I don’t need to go to Fort Bliss,I don’t even go to William Beaumont.
          You are the COWARD! And a dirty White Vermin! and you are not going to set me up, why don’t you come over here to the east side,You know where I live.
          BTW! it’s you that don’t have a DD214! you don’t even know what it’s for Chicken Breast!

          • See Alberto is a big chicken. All talk no action. Of course you don’t have any reason to go to Ft. Bliss or Beaumont because you didn’t retire with all the benefits like most of us earned. According to Mikey you were kicked out of the Navy for being a doper. A real loser with a worthless life. That is why you live on the internet 24/7. Only on the internet idiots like you can get empowered hiding behind a keyboard and monitor. You are the lord of the flies. lmao.

    • Alberto is too stupid too understand anything. The epitome of a delusional loser.

      • Sure Jerry, whatever you say! just come knock on my door and make sure to bring your own body bag. You featherless chicken breast.

        • What are you afraid of Alberto? See you are a big chicken. LOSER!

          BTW – My name is not Jerry. Jerry sounds like one of those voices in your big fat head. You schizo!

          • It’s all the pot he smokes. It’s well known that marijuana causes increased symptoms of schizophrenia, paranoia, hallucinations, memory impairment, delusions and psychosis. It’s illegal for a reason. He has all the symptoms of marijuana use disorder. Yes, MUELLER, that’s a real thing. Look it up before you try to dispute it.

      • The guy is a friggin loon, man. Calling him/her/cuck a delusional loser is being too nice.


        • I like the way Texas Ranger thinks. The racism from the new communist party and the way they always deflect their descriptors to the American Party is hilarious. Smart folks easily realize that they are the pedos, racist, hatefill, snowflakes that could not win a rigged election or a rigged false narrative/fake investigation.

          To the rest of you who take time out of their day to set these morons straight and attempt to have them pull their heads out of their 4-point of contact – I SALUTE YOU!

          MAGA 2020

  • I’m not afraid of you Fero CUCARACHA MAGGOT! you The Original Maggot and TxBUTTRngr! Y’all come over here to the El Paso herald Post from the KKKVIA Forum! And I’m supposed to be afraid of you all?
    Original MAGGOT! try minding your own freaking business NADIZON!
    You are a METH HEAD FOOL! TxBUTTRng is a child molester pedophile,probably Gee Dubb, and Fero is Jerry.
    It takes three of you to come and post here and I still give you the “BEAT DOWN”and make Y’ALL CRY and Whine like baby morons.
    Seriously I made Y’ALL cry before.and Y’ALL went crying to the EPHP moderator. By telling him that I was using bad words against Y’ALL.
    OH GOSH! I’m a naughty bad boy with my profanity vocabulary.
    That now I’m not allow to practice my First Amendment Right,FREEDOM OF SPEECH! because some girlyboys complained about me.But over at the KKKVIA forum,it’s practically alright to use profanity just as long as it’s coming out from you’re sewer smelling pit holes. I already called you out Fero, you are a COWARD CHICKEN BREAST GALLINA! fried pollo blanco
    Take a HIKE Y’ALL and **** You and the horse you rode in.
    Look, Fero,TxBUTTRngr and Original MAGGOT!
    answer the question you bunch of LoLo’s!

    • So says the pothead with burnt out brain cells and a severe case of paranoid schizophrenia. Be sure to check-in to the local nuthouse before you hurt yourself. Anti-psychotic meds may help you. Get a life!

    • What? You think you have a monopoly over here at EPHP? Moron! BTW – You are outnumbered 3 to 1 or maybe more. Lastly FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Loser! lmao.

  • Howdy Howdy Howdy!
    I just turned the TV to MSNBC and they are talking about Paul Manafort reporting to prison today!
    And the strong possibility of Donald Trump getting impeached by the democrats in congress.
    The sound of crickets everywhere, CRICKETS!!!!!! it rained yesterday and the crickets came out in droves.
    Paul Manafort SAYS TO Y’ALL!

    • It figures that you get all your leftist propaganda from MSNBC or CNN. Trump impeachment? Bring it on. It will guarantee his reelection. Now run along to your safe space.

  • And yet I keep clobbering all these wannabe KKKtrumpTURDS with all my beat downs,by giving a good pounding! One month ago they were not here posting on the El Paso Herald Post!
    It was that FAT OBESE LAZY buttbalst dirt bag,Mikey Mad Mike, that told them: HEY, 420 is over there at the Post
    commenting about the “K”RAZY “K”ROOKED “K”RIMINAL NAZI KKK DON THE CON, Donald J Trump!
    he is our master and we must defend him before he gets impeached by the MIGHTY SMART DEMOCRATS! that are in power now in the congress.
    So turn off our tv’s and stop watching Fox DEEP STATE WHITE SUPREMACIST FAKE BRAINWASHING NEWS! Is Mikey still over at SumLand Park detaining immigrants? probably got arrested with his KKK boss,and is sitting in the Las Cruces Jail eating beans out of a can.
    And we have another moron stooge with the screen name of, I Am A DEPLORABLE RUSSIAN, Putin’s Butt Boy! I like the way Texas Butt Ranger thinks,since I can’t think for myself.
    WELCOME TO THE FIESTA! Deplorable Russian wannabe! grab a chair and sit on the floor!
    Fero is nothing but an over cook CHICKEN BREAST! he clucks to much and lays orange color eggs,from inside his Hen yellow belly goat smelling nasty sucio ear end.
    Y’ALL KNOW that the GOPEDOPHILES are going EXTINCT! You wish you could make me go away,but this is not the KKKVIA NAZI forum, Y’ALL! there are NO JIM CROW LAWS HERE! on this website.
    What’s the lasted on Don the Con? oh yea, he was invited by the Aryan Queen Elizibeast, of England! from there he’ll visit his bromance Puppet Master, Vladimir Putin.
    Time’s flying I SAY! and Don the Con is approaching his last months inside the CESSPOOL SWAMP he dug all by himself with his tine orange hands’
    So Y’ALL MOCO LOCOS! picanse LOS MOCOS then eat them like Mc Donald’s nuggets.
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. add plenty of salt just like your mama makes them at the trailer court.
    You see,I don’t have to reply to each and one of Y’ALL! Y’ALL come from the same MOSCA LARVAE! trumpTURD poop. GUZANOS FOR DAYS!

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