• January 20, 2022
 Coronado alumni seek artists for new school mural

Coronado alumni seek artists for new school mural

The Coronado Class of 2017 hopes to leave a lasting mark on their updated alma mater – even three years after they last roamed the halls of the Pride of the West Side.

As part of their legacy gift to the campus, the alumni earmarked $10,000 from their four years of fundraising to commission a mural that will grace the entrance of the new Coronado that is currently under construction.

The organizing committee charged with the art project is currently seeking proposals for a dynamic design expected to capture the image of the iconic Thunderbird on the Franklin Mountains – a tribute to the school’s mascot and tradition.

“Since Coronado was approved for new building construction through the 2016 EPISD Bond election, the students were eager to leave a new visual legacy to future students, parents and teachers inside the new front lobby of the campus,” said Julie Kallman, who is coordinating the RFP process. “It is important to them that the essence of the iconic legend of the Thunderbird on the Franklin Mountains be represented as a piece of art and the focal point of the building.”

Kallman, also a Coronado graduate, served as the Parent Sponsor for the Class of 2017 Executive Committee during the high school years of her daughter Rachel, now a senior at the University of Texas. Kallman who celebrated a reunion with Coronado’s classes of 1976 to 1980 and the class of 1987 contributed to the public art project by donating left over funds from their respective reunion.

“I am a very proud Coronado High School alumn,” she said. “It was an honor for me to serve as the parent sponsor for this class. They are an industrious, forward-thinking group of kids.”

Fast forward three years and the building is closer to completion – and almost ready for the mural. Kallman is currently accepting RFPs for the mural through Oct. 2.

The project manager estimates that the artist could have access to the building between substantial completion and final completion, which is about a three-month window from November 2020 to February 2021.

“Since things are always fluid, we hope to give the artist the amount of time they feel is necessary,” Kallman said. “Ideally, it would be our goal to have the art piece finished before a building dedication.”

Prospective bidders can contact Kallman at jerrykall@aol.com or 915-873-1727.

Story by Reneé De Santos – EPISD

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