• January 20, 2022
 Coronado FCCLA team video places nationally

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Coronado FCCLA team video places nationally

A three-student team from Coronado who developed a promotional video to increase awareness and interest in the FCCLA organization placed nationally and won a gold medal during this month’s virtual Students Taking Action with Recognition event.

The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (better known as FCCLA) is a national organization for students interested in family and consumer science education.

Recent graduates Andrew Ponce and Michelle Alvarez-Rios joined with in-coming senior Anamaria Solis to create a video that presented their plan to bring awareness and recruit new members to their club at Coronado.

They received a 90 plus score and ranked ninth out of approximately 100 teams nationally in the Promote and Publicize FCCLA category.

“We really worked hard during the pandemic,” Ponce said. “It was hard to communicate and make a video presenting our project when we weren’t together. We all did our part in different clips and I was able to edit them together to make it look like we were in sync.”

The three students took top honors at the regional competition in Lubbock this spring, but COVID-19 restrictions cancelled the state competition. Instead, state FCCLA leaders ranked winners based on their scores at regionals – which earned the T-Birds a shot at the virtual nationals

Ponce hopes students become more aware of the benefits of FCCLA and Family and Consumer Science classes, which include college scholarship opportunities and the basic life skills that will be carried into adulthood.

“We really want our peers to know the benefits of being in FCCLA,” Ponce said, who plans to attend NMSU this fall. “It gives you leadership and communication skills that potential employers will really like about you. It’s not a just a club that’s about culinary or fashion or child development. It’s everything you need for life skills.”

Ponce also credits FCCLA for honing his presentation and communications skills which has helped him become more confident speaking publicly.

“Even though I myself am not going into a Family and Consumer Science field, it has helped me prepare my college applications and everything to get ready for college,” Ponce said. “It’s good preparation for everyone.”

Coronado Family and Consumer Science teacher Sharon Boling is in awe of her students’ performance and desire to continue despite not having the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to present at a live event.

“I’ve been teaching at Coronado for 32 years and they were the probably most self-motivated group,” she said. “They required very little follow up from me. They were organized and did an awesome job in their presentation.”

Story by Reneé De Santos  | EPISD

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