• May 17, 2022
 Coronado Student Publishes Second Scholarly Article

Coronado Student Publishes Second Scholarly Article

Publishing in a peer-reviewed journal is no easy feat, but Coronado High School senior Judah Lesser has already done it … twice.

Just this month, the Journal of Mathematics Education published his second article, titled “Internship Experience in an Educational Technology Laboratory: Autoethnography of an Eighth-Grade Student-Researcher.”

The article focuses on Lesser’s volunteer internship experience in a research laboratory at the University of Texas at El Paso.

“My article recounts in detail my experience at Dr. Daniel Tillman’s lab,” Lesser said. “A student’s perspective like mine is valuable to an educator like Dr. Tillman when exploring how to better engage children in learning. I am very proud and thankful that I have been able to publish two articles as a high school student, especially when one was a sole author, and the other was with three other authors, all of whom are professors with PhDs.”

Lesser assisted Tillman, assistant professor of educational technology, at the university’s Educational Technology Research Lab. Tillman, along with two other two UTEP professors, contributed to Lesser’s article in the journal.

“I mostly learned how to operate the lab’s 3-D printers and devised methods to create simple musical instruments with and without the 3-D printers according to Dr. Tillman’s project,” Lesser said. “During the summer, I helped facilitate a summer camp at the lab. My part was to teach the campers how to design objects for 3-D printing.”

The experience helped further fuel the senior’s interest in STEM-related careers, especially anything related to materials engineering. He is currently working as volunteer at UTEP’s W. M. Keck Center for 3-D Innovation, where he meaningfully applies his Coronado coursework in mathematics, physics, chemistry and robotics.

“I help other students with their projects, but also pursue my own, the largest of which has been the design of a versatile 3-D printer frame from scratch, which is currently being built,” Lesser said. “I am glad I am getting so much hands-on experience at a college level in design and fabrication. The Keck Center has solidified my desire to study materials engineering in college.”

Lesser’s previous scholarly article was published in the Sprint/Summer 2015 issue Texas Mathematics Teacher and was titled “Exploring Mobius Strip and Other Loops.”

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