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Counselors visit business, industries to learn about workforce opportunities for students

Socorro Independent School District counselors spent two days during intersession visiting area businesses to get a better understanding of the opportunities available for students in the workforce.

Counselors from various SISD schools participated in the externship, visiting Jordan Forster Construction, Prudential Financial, El Paso Electric Company, and Keats Southwest. They learned about certifications and licensing necessary for students who are considering careers that don’t require a four-year college degree and about the internships available at the businesses.

Counselors who participated in the externship say they know how important it is for students to attain skills and knowledge in various fields, which can help them obtain a job that will pay them a solid wage.

“The purpose of today was to show us all jobs available, so as to better educate and guide to our students to all possible industries,” said Options High School counselor Aileen Stewart.

The partners in education at the business and industries were eager to show the counselors how they can prepare their students for opportunities in the workforce.

Aimee Saldivar, who works in the Human Resources Training and Development department for El Paso Electric, said the company partnered with SISD to assist in educating students on the positions available to them if they are not leaning toward the college route. She said they want to let students know sooner than later, so that they are fully aware and prepared by the time they graduate.

“There are some high school programs that students can take advantage of that are steppingstones to a career shortly after graduation. We’d like to help them with that,” said Aimee Saldivar, Human Resources Training and Development for the El Paso Electric.

The counselor externship also gave the educators a look into fields that students can take advantage of to earn a paycheck right after high school and/or help them work their way through college. Industries such as automotive or cosmetology provide job and career opportunities for students that they can embark upon immediately after graduation.

“This experience was very helpful because now we feel better equipped to guide our students by letting them know that technical programs are an option, which they can make a good living doing,” said Claudia Preciado, an Americas High School counselor.

The visits took place in October.

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