Cruz’n the Borderland: Haterade on Tap

I’ve had the joy of watching, listening to, and becoming friends with local musicians over the years.  As I stated previously, we seriously have some amazing talent here in El Paso.  That being said, there is SOMETHING  that has been bothering me ever since.  And it happens on a local level, unbelievably.  It makes me cringe (and then laugh)  when I hear someone talk about how they HATE a certain type of music.

Especially when the person talking is ACTUALLY IN a band or are some sort of music expert!

Too much in-fighting within the  artist’s  world does nothing for them, and the fans are the ones who suffer.    As an example, it always seems (generalize much…?) it’s  some sort of metal or rock band that puts down pretty much ANY OTHER MUSIC that isn’t their style.

“I cant stand Rap  music!  It sucks!”   This argument isn’t valid, because – as a genre – its been around for well over 25 years, and has melded with every OTHER music format.  Country-Rap,  Dance-Rap, Rock-Rap…and the fact that the hottest movie of the summer was about *gasp* gangster rap, should show how mainstream and accepted the format is.

Now, I’m not here to raise the banner of rap music, what I’m saying here is don’t knock another style of music, simply because it isn’t your cup of tea.  Oh, sure….dislike a specific  artist or band for the lack of accomplishment of the fact that particular song just didn’t do it for you…but not the ENTIRE format.   The minute I hear someone start doing that, their credibility as a fan of music goes down a few notches in my eyes.


I’ve always defined an artist as someone who creates something I can’t.   It’s a broad definition, and it covers so many areas.  The talent that oozes from people in whatever field they create is something I respect, admire, and dare I say am a bit jealous of.

“snort…I coulda painted THAT!”  Yeah, but you DIDN’T.    I coulda wrote “I AM THE WALRUS,” too…but I didn’t.    An artist did.  So who am I to take down an entire area of something I cant do, or maybe don’t understand.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are certain styles of music (and other arts) I don’t like, but  I learned a while back to never dismiss it as” it sucks!”     There’s way too much negativity  in the world as it is, art in any form is is an escape for most…a release if you will.  Why disparage and take it ALL away with a blanket statement?

Appreciate the art form, maybe research it.  Maybe TRY it yourself.   Feed and nature the positivity and creative nature of the human spirit.    Of course opinions matter, but to generalize and tear down that which you don’t understand or failed to is a sad, hurtful act.

Art is a release, music is passion…creativity is intelligence having fun!   (Didn’t Einstein say that??)

And really, isn’t THAT what makes living fun….?   Be creative while we can.