• September 18, 2021
 Cruz’n the Borderland: A Column with Heart – Part One

Cruz’n the Borderland: A Column with Heart – Part One

What I remember was I started to open my eyes, and everything was a blue/grey kinda bland color.

I saw these two females at the foot of my bed, that was about as far as I could see. The taller one, a blonde, spoke “Hey , he’s waking up”

*where WAS I?*

“how are you feeling”…

*who ARE these people*

…”uhhhm ok…where am i?”…”You don’t know…?”

…* honey, I have no idea whats going on!!*

“No, what’s happening? What happened?”…”

*I can see a little more passed them now, still no color……who’s THAT guy? Behind the computer monitor….?? Am I in a hotel lobby…? And now the tall blond turns to her partner, a short little brunette*

“He had a bad reaction to the Morphine, we had to counter act it with some…”

*MORPHINE??!??….what the fuu—-*  “I’m having a hard time remembering things right now, what happened to me?”

*The tall one looks concerned*

“you had a heart attack. You had surgery this morning….do you know what today’s date is??”

*man, what the hell happened?*


“its June, 2016”

*…holy Hell…that’s the future!! So, these two….must be nurses….so THAT means…I’m in a hospital…???*

“Where’s my wife” *now, the little one speaks…* “She went home, she’s been here all day…do you want me to call her for you?”

* I need an anchor, I need to hear her voice…maybe that will bring back the memory*

…”Yes, please…”

*The tall blonde is calling her. There’s something about the little one, she looks familiar*…

”Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere??”

“I’m Alice, your nurse!! I prepped and shaved you last night!”

*Wow, you would think that would be something id remember…maybe if I held her hand some sort of energy will come to me….*

“Tell me…Tell me what happened??”

“You don’t remember? You were at home, a week ago…playing video games, and you came in complaining of chest pains. You had a heart attack…”

*Well, that SOUNDS like me…but….i just can’t remember…


For about a week, there was this pain right in middle of my chest that wouldn’t go away. It didn’t radiate or move or change, it just…sat there. Almost as soon as I would recognize it as being there, it would go away. So naturally I ignored it for the week.

Until Wednesday night.

The wife was in the bedroom, painting and coloring, I was in the living room on the Xbox, trying to make it to the next level in whatever game I was playing. But the pain…the pain wouldn’t let me concentrate on the game. It was frustrating to say the least, but it hurt. I put the controller down, and walked around the apartment.

Typical guy response, huh…”walk it off”….well, it wasn’t working. The wife knew something was up, almost like she sensed it right off the bat!

“Are you ok?” “yeah, yeah, its just this pain wont go away….I’ve tried walking and stretching but it wont stop…maybe if I go throw up I’ll feel better…”

At that moment, I knew that wasn’t the answer, but part of the problem. I wasn’t trying to be stubborn. I just hate the hospital. Well, truth be known, as a type one diabetic, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in a hospital bed, and there is nothing fun about it you can try and make it fun, but I have the “3 day rule.”

After 3 days, your mind starts want to leave. Its not a resort or a hotel room, it’s a hospital. There’s no resting and very little sleeping. People constantly coming in and out, taking blood, giving medicine, running tests and never getting results.

And the smell….not the hospital clean and sterile smell mind you. There’s a certain smell of the beds. The vinyl, mixed with sweat…after 3 days you WILL sweat. It’s a very unique and unforgettable smell. It’s not a stench, but a smell nonetheless that you just cant forget.

Now, on the plus side, I LOVE hospital breakfasts. Specifically the eggs. I know, I know…Egg Beaters…but man, in the hospital they are sssooooo gooood! And so the decision was made to go to the hospital and see what this was all about.

“Besides, babe…” I told the wife, “ Ill be in 2-3 days tops. They will give me a pill that ill take the rest of my life, and ill be home Saturday… Monday the latest. Let’s just go.”


Thru the haze of the anesthesia I saw the angioplasty doctor 2 inches away from my face…I heard the words “ blockage” and “options.”

And now I’m back in my hospital room and the wife is in tears. Why is she crying?? “Do you understand whats happening?”

I shook my head no.

“ You have severe blockage and might need surgery” she half yelled and half cried. I think my response was, “ Well….we’ll talk about it later…”

I was admitted that Wednesday night. This was Thursday afternoon.

Yeah, we need to address my situation…SOON!

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz was born in El Paso in the early 70s. Graduated from Burges High School and went to EPCC, where he got his first real taste of radio. He has bounced up and down the dial locally and continues to call El Paso home where family is. FULL BIO

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