DACC Receives Nearly $300,000 for Stem Program

Doña Ana Community College (DACC) is receiving a grant of nearly $300,000 to help students with careers in the STEM field.  

The $291,000 grant, called ELSOL (Experiential Learning STEM Opportunity Grant) comes from the National Science Foundation to create a program at DACC that will assist low-income, minority students earn associate’s degrees in STEM-related fields. The grant will allow DACC to build a NASA radio telescope as part of a new NASA Radio Astronomy Lab on its Espina campus. The lab will allow students the opportunity to detect sounds from the sun. 

“This grant is important, as it’s crucial that students in our region, often from groups under-represented in STEM, be given the opportunity to participate in STEM careers,” says Dr. German Moreno, DACC professor and program director of ELSOL. “These careers are in great demand in the state. It is important that community colleges work to ensure students are successful by giving them science workforce skills.” This grant will not only offer students support so they will develop stronger skills in science, it will also set them up to transfer to NMSU or another four-year institution. 

The grant will also be used to provide 10 instructors with equity training through the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. 

For more information on DACC’s Science Engineering and Mathematics division, go to https://dacc.nmsu.edu/academics/divisions/sci-eng-math-division.html

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