Video+Story: Deaf Students to Sign Wish List to ALS fluent Santa Claus

For children who are deaf, telling Santa Claus what they want for Christmas is not always an easy task. More often than not, Santa needs the help of an interpreter to understand American Sign Language.

But for a quarter century now, this has not been an issue for students in the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. The program, which is housed in EPISD, is on its 25th year of giving deaf students access to a Santa who can sign ASL and can directly communicate with them.

“This is such a special treat for our students because they get to communicate with Santa on their own, without the need for an interpreter,” said Jason Lilly, a facilitator for the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. “Being able to communicate effectively is part of our goals for students, and this visit provides them an opportunity to showcase what they have learned.”

After getting individual gift wishes, the students will then get to enjoy the Hillside Elementary Choir, which will sing and sign holiday songs.

The ASL Signing Santa will be seeing the Hillside students starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 15, at Bassett Place, 6101 Gateway West Blvd.

To view last year’s event, click on the video player above this story.