• June 26, 2022
 Denver City goes all out to show Tornillo what West Texas Hospitality truly is

Denver City goes all out to show Tornillo what West Texas Hospitality truly is

For most of us here in West Texas football is king on Friday nights and win or lose that’s what we talk about throughout the week. Thanks to the Denver City (DC) community that not what’s going to be talked about from the DC vs Tornillo game Friday night.

Last season, when the UIL announced the new districts for the 2015-2016 season, District 2 – 3A left fans and coaches with a puzzled look on their faces. A new school which many people didn’t even know existed was on the schedule. The Tornillo Coyotes were now in the district.

A quick google search of Tornillo, Texas would show you that they are located southeast of El Paso, six and half hours away or more from our district in West Texas. Coaches and parents were outraged at the thought of a 13-hour bus ride for a district football game. No one stopped to consider that, while our schools would only have to travel there once in two years, the Coyotes would have to make the same trip 5 times.

No one knew what to expect, but it didn’t take long before our grumbling turned to admiration and respect for the Tornillo community. The players, coaches, administration and fans from Tornillo were so hospitable and appreciative to all of us in District 2-3A who made the trip each Friday that we all began to rethink just how blessed we truly are.

Last Friday (October 30th) DC went above and beyond to serve the Tornillo players and coaches in a way that truly shows West Texas hospitality.

Superintendent Gary Davis shared that the community was so overwhelmed with emotion when they went to Tornillo last year .They realized how blessed they truly are to have the facilities and support from their community that others schools may not have.

Gary pointed out that even though it was homecoming for the Mustangs, it was more important to show Christ’s love and serve others than to win a football game. So in preparation for the game, the DC community has planned out a true showing of Christian love.

The Church of Christ provided snack bags and drinks for the team and coaches when they arrived. The First Baptist Church agreed to provide brisket tacos for the all the players, coaches and fans after the game.

The DC Jr. High Band moved to the visiting stands to play for the Coyotes while the Jr. high cheerleaders and parents pitched in to purchase Tornillo Coyote T-shirts as they cheered for them the entire game. The school rallied together to provide a blow up tunnel for the team while the Student Council and NHS members formed a victory line from the field house to the stadium.

The fans and coaches from both sides will always remember this night as something special and bigger than game.

What a great showing of love from the DC community as they reminded us that its truly not about us. Football season will come and go but the opportunity to show Christ’s love can change lives forever.

Author: Eric Martinez Sports Director and Pictures by Eric Woods / TownTalk Radio


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