• May 17, 2022
 Desert Imaging Celebrates 20th Anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2022

Desert Imaging Celebrates 20 Years Serving El Paso

Desert Imaging Celebrates 20th Anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2022

On February 14, 2002, El Paso’s first full-service outpatient diagnostic imaging center opened its doors.

Founded on a mission of serving others, Desert Imaging’s goal is to provide high quality medical imaging in a fast, friendly, and convenient manner. At its first imaging center on Castellano Drive in West El Paso, Desert Imaging provided MRI, CT, mammography, ultrasound, and X-Ray services allowing greater accessibility to more El Pasoans. Over the years, the locally owned company expanded to five imaging centers across El Paso County and added PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, and Varicose Vein treatment to its portfolio as well as a cyclotron for medical isotopes, the first of its kind in the State of Texas. It is also the only provider of mobile mammography services in our region with its Mammos on the Move (MOM) clinic.

According to founder and CEO Leroy Candelaria, Desert Imaging’s strategy is to invest in the community to offer the latest and greatest diagnostic and treatment procedures that were historically limited to the larger cities. This allows the company to ultimately achieve its goal of El Pasoans servicing El Pasoans. He says the key to Desert Imaging’s growth and success is having a great team.


“We are blessed in having some gifted interpreters of images,” he said. “Our Board-Certified Radiologists form the pillar of our company thanks to their expertise and commitment to accurate and prompt reporting. It is upon their reports that our medical providers base the treatment decisions for their patients. Of course, nothing happens without those who contribute behind the scenes, of whom I am especially proud.”

Upon the 20th anniversary of Desert Imaging, the future looks bright thanks to the trust the company has earned over time from El Paso’s patients and medical professionals. The only constant in life is change, but what won’t change is Desert Imaging’s commitment to help others understand what is happening inside the human body in a fast, friendly, and non-invasive manner.

“Our greatest responsibility is to help each other,” Mr. Candelaria said. “We at Desert Imaging are here to serve and believe that we are making a difference. Simply put, we are creating more birthdays.”

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