Photo courtesy EP Water

Developers, EP Water employ new agreement to save time, money during new neighborhood development

El Paso builders and developers can now complete basic utility work such as manhole installations and fire hydrant relocations that previously only El Paso Water crews were allowed to perform.

Utility officials say that under the new Limited Scope Development Agreement (LSDA), developers and builders can complete some utility work on their own schedule using approved contractors.

“This move will give greater control to those overseeing construction projects and will save time and related costs,” EP Water officials shared. “This also will free up EPWater crews to work on other priority projects throughout the city.”

The agreement, which went into effect March 1, was developed through a series of conversations with stakeholders in land development, commercial construction and residential building communities.

“We listened and acted. The LSDA was created to facilitate the development process, and it places the timing and costs in the hands of the Owners/Developers,” said Adriana Castillo, engineering division manager at EPWater.

“They can negotiate the cost with possible contractors rather than waiting for the work to be done by EPWater.”

To help the community understand the new agreement, EPWater held a virtual meeting on Wednesday July 29 to present information on the new LSDA and answer questions from the development community.

For any questions, please contact Maria Betancourt with Planning & Development at (915) 594-5672.