Diocese of El Paso, HOPE Border Institute release 2020 Voter’s Guide

As early voting got underway Tuesday across the region, the Hope Border Institute and Bishop Mark J. Seitz of the Diocese of El Paso announced the launch of the Borderlands Voting Guide 2020.

“As we begin early voting,” said Bishop Mark J. Seitz, “I’m proud to collaborate with the Hope Border Institute in offering this educational tool for those going to the polls to exercise their important responsibility to vote. As Pope Francis has challenged us, this guide will help Catholics and people of faith look at the issues facing us in the borderlands and across the country through the lens of the common good. This effort is one more sign of our pledge as a community of faith to act as neighbors and work for the common good.”

The Borderlands Voting Guide 2020 provides information on how to vote in the current pandemic and features answers from El Paso’s mayoral candidates on critical issues, including the environment, economic development and jobs, immigration, the pandemic, racial justice and much more.

Dylan Corbett, executive director of the Hope Border Institute, said, “With our vote, El Pasoans have a unique chance to raise our voices in shaping the next four years of our country and make choices about who will lead our city through this weighty moment in our history. This guide will help voters develop a more informed opinion about the candidates as they head to the polls.”

The Borderlands Voting Guide 2020 is available in English and Spanish and will also be published in print in the upcoming edition of the Diocese of El Paso’s monthly newspaper, the Rio Grande Catholic.

The Borderlands Voting Guide 2020 can be accessed via this link.