• May 19, 2022
 DMD Announces New Downtown Bike Rack Program

DMD Announces New Downtown Bike Rack Program

The El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD) has developed a program to increase the number of bike racks in the downtown community to benefit the property and business owners in addition to cyclists.

“As Downtown El Paso becomes more bicycle friendly, we wanted to come up with a simple process that allows for the request and installation of bike racks within a relatively short amount of time,” said DMD Executive Director Joe Gudenrath. “This program eliminates the disincentive to the property/business owners and encourages the installation of much needed infrastructure.”

The process is simple. Property/business owners fill out the Bicycle Rack Request Form located on the DMD’s website, and submit it to the organization. The DMD and the City will inspect the site to determine compliance with City requirements in relation to the rack’s position on the sidewalk.

Once the site is approved, or an acceptable location is identified, the rack will be installed by the DMD. Maintenance of the racks will also be provided by the DMD. The entire process is expected to take less than 45 days.

The current process requires the property/business owner to apply for a special privilege permit for the placement of a bike rack on private property. Along with the permit, the applicant must purchase the rack, and pay an annual permit fee. Maintenance of the rack also falls on the permit applicant.

Distribution of bike racks under the new program will be based on a first-come, first-served basis of suitable locations.

Funds for this program are limited to approximately 20 racks, and once exhausted, the program will be on hold until additional funds are made available.

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