DMD Director Honored as Emerging Leader by International Downtown Association

The El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD) is proud to announce that Executive Director, Joe Gudenrath, has been identified by the International Downtown Association (IDA) as emerging leader within his professional field.

Gudenrath was among 30 of the industries brightest professionals for the IDA’s 2018 Emerging Leaders Fellowship program.

“I’m committed to helping make Downtown El Paso the pride of our region and an example of a strong community for the nation to take notice of,” said DMD Executive Director Joe Gudenrath. “I’m confident this experience will arm us with additional tools to continue our work and I look forward to sharing our experiences with others.”

The Emerging Leader Fellowship is a week-long experiential program bringing together a cohort of IDA professionals from within the urban district management industry. The fellows learn essential leadership and place management skills and gain practical tools in the areas of place-based economic development, the live-work-play experience, and public-private partnerships.

“Joe’s identification as an emerging leader is a compliment to both his professional qualities and the progress Downtown El Paso has made within recent years,” said DMD Board President Jon Law. “The nation is paying attention to what we are accomplishing and the people who are helping to make it happen.”

The program takes place June 17-22, 2018 in New York City featuring intensive instruction delivered by IDA partners at Baruch College, City University of New York, Times Square Alliance and Coro New York Leadership Center.

Professionals from several business improvement district (BID) organizations across the city provide technical in-the-field training. The event takes place at various locations throughout Manhattan with field visits provided by several local BID leaders.

“The International Downtown Association is looking to build the future of our industry, and these accomplished executives are the rising stars of our profession,” said David Downey, President and CEO of IDA. “With this program, we’re educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders.”

These leaders hail from 3 countries and 21 provinces and states, including Cape Town (South Africa), Calgary (Alberta), Honolulu, New York City, Anchorage, Sioux Falls, Sacramento, Houston, Denver and El Paso.