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DMD seeking downtown property owner for free mural

The Downtown Management District and muralist, Martin Zubia, are looking for a home for Zubia’s latest mural project. The mural, funded by a combination of local grants, needs the right downtown façade to showcase the art.

“Murals are starting to become a defining feature of our downtown and the DMD is excited to work with such an accomplished artist to offer this opportunity to a DMD property owner. The impact of beautification and culturally relevant art is a hard to measure, but is instantly felt,” said DMD Executive Director, Joe Gudenrath.

While property owners will have to comply with grant requirements, they would essentially be receiving a free mural with no additional out of pocket costs expected of them.

The proposed 600 square foot mural features a modern day interpretation of Fray Garcia de San Francisco, founder of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission at the Pass of the North in 1659 (El Paso, Texas and C. Juarez, Chihuahua), in addition to other elements of iconography.

The art will be created with the constantly evolving medium of spray paints, with supplies provided by local business, Kalavera Culture Shop.

The $7,000 project is being funded by grants obtained from the El Paso Downtown Management District and City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department’s Artist Incubator Program.

The Downtown Management District (DMD) Board of Directors approved the Downtown Mural Grant application by Martin Zubia on June 27, 2019, and was awarded up to $3,500 for the project.

The Downtown Mural Grant Program provides funding to existing business and/or property owners to establish or restore murals within the DMD boundaries. All proposed mural projects will be reviewed by a panel of local art professionals to determine the quality, suitability, and appropriateness of the proposed mural, and make a recommendation to the Grant Review Committee.

The Mural Grant Program is one of four downtown grant programs offered by the DMD, such as Iconic Signage and Lighting Program, Pedestrian Corridor Improvement Grant Program, and the Commercial Façade Improvement Program.

The maximum mural grant available is $10,000 and each grant dollar must be matched by a private investment dollar (1:1 ratio).

Property owners within the DMD interested in taking advantage of this program should contact Terry Mais, at 915-400-2294 or

Property owners have until July 12th to express interest in this opportunity.  Final determination for building applicants will be done by the artist.