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DMD’s Sixth Annual Downtown Survey seeks public input amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday morning, El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD) officials announced the release of their annual downtown survey. 

“Over the past 12 months, Downtown El Paso has reached some amazing heights, followed by a near complete shutdown, and we’re not out of the woods yet. In order to regain our great momentum and adjust our efforts as we reemerge from the pandemic, we must listen to the public and understand what it’s going to take to bring people back downtown and restart our Downtown economy. Participation in this survey is more important than ever,” said DMD Executive Director Joe Gudenrath.

While this year’s survey will pose many of the standard questions, additional input is being sought regarding the part of the COVID-19 pandemic and the public’s outlook on the future.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will surely affect the feedback the DMD receives, but it is necessary to receive a proper gauge of the public’s opinion in order to react in a measured and effective manner in the months to come,” DMD officials shared.

During the month of July, the DMD encourages downtown property owners, business owners, employees, visitors and the general public to take its online survey and share their opinion on the current conditions of Downtown, the performance of the DMD and future priorities for the area.

“In light of recent public health and economic challenges, public input is more crucial than ever,” DMD officials added.

The survey can be accessed by visiting and clicking the survey slider or clicking on the top of the ‘about’ section page.

Participants can register themselves into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate/card to a downtown business within the DMD boundaries.

The information gained from this brief, unscientific survey will be used by the DMD to better measure its performance and provide guidance on what is important to its stakeholders and the entire El Paso community.

Past survey results have contributed to the creation of the DMD’s Downtown Ambassador Program, Special Events, and additional grant programs including the Downtown Mural Grant Program.

For those without online access hard copies can be obtained at the DMD offices located at 201 East Main Suite. 107, or by calling (915) 400-2294.

The online survey is available in English and Spanish, and can be accessed at