Dona Ana County’s Third Judicial Court Enhances Security through new Policies

In an effort to enhance security, the Third Judicial District Court – working in close cooperation and with full support from the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department – has implemented new changes aimed at keeping the public and court staff safer.

Effective immediately, all electronic devices – pagers, cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. – as well as purses, bags, backpacks, cigarette lighters and matches are not allowed into the court building.

Court security officers will continue metal-detector screening for everyone entering the court facility, and people coming in will be asked to empty their pockets into plastic containers that will be sent through radar screening.

Upon finding banned materials, security personnel will first give people the opportunity to return to the courthouse without the items. Under no circumstance will court personnel keep or store banned items.

Contraband items are subject to seizure by court security, and people who fail to abide by the security measures are subject to prosecution.

The restrictions do not apply to attorneys, child-welfare workers, media personnel, probation and parole officers and other governmental staff whose regular job duties require them to be in the court facility frequently and whose job performance requires possession of working electronic devices. They will, however, be subject to the same screening as the general public, and they will have to show ID showing their affiliation with an exempted entity upon each entry into the court complex.

This policy mirrors that of other area courts. The court’s security team has made the transition, but it will now take longer for people to be processed into the court building. All court users – from prospective jurors and litigants to observers and attorneys – should allow ample time to ensure punctual attendance for all court proceedings, given the inevitable delays that will be caused by the enhanced security protocols.