Donation of N95 masks to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation is a family affair

With a young family member in the hospital, one local resident – along with his employer- decide to give back to those frontline workers helping all local families.

David Marin, an associate at Lowe’s on Redd Road, is also uncle to 12-year-old Scarlett Orwig, a patient at El Paso Children’s Hospital. Scarlett  is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL leukemia.

Marin requested a donation from Lowe’s for 1,000 N95 masks to be given to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation for the El Paso Children’s Hospital.

While officials with Lowe’s agreed to the donation of the masks, Marin had another request: he wanted his brother, Brian Orwig, Scarlett’s father and Scarlett to make the presentation in Scarlett’s name.

“Giving the masks back to the staff who have helped Scarlett so much through her battle with ALL leukemia, means so much to our family,’” said Brian Orwig.

“We are thrilled to accept this donation,” said Estela Casas, Executive Director of El Paso Children’s Hospital and UMC Foundation. “Family is such a big part of our community. What a wonderful Uncle Scarlett has!”

Casas added, “These masks will be put to good use at El Paso Children’s Hospital and we thank Lowe’s and David so much!”

To donate to the El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation, click here.