• January 22, 2022
 Video: Doom Patrol episode 2 on DC Universe kinda spoiler free review

Video: Doom Patrol episode 2 on DC Universe kinda spoiler free review

Doom Patrol is a new series on the DC Universe streaming service. They are a misfit group of reluctant heroes. The first episode was released February 15, 2019. It was a good episode even with having to explain all the characters backstories.

Episode 2 started right where episode 1 left off. They introduced a new character to the mix, Cyborg. Most people will recognize him from the Justice League movie. Him being part of the Doom Patrol team feels kinda forced to us. He is not a good fit on this team. The whole dynamic of the team is changed with him in the picture. Even with us not liking the addition of Cyborg, episode 2 was still really solid. The narration by Alan Tudyk is spot-on. There are a lot of subtle little things he says that are meta, but if you aren’t paying close attention you may miss them. So far, Doom Patrol has been worth the monthly subscription price to DC Universe. That doesn’t take into account the other great shows and all the comics that are available on this service. Titans and Young Justice are definitely must watch shows as well. You don’t have to take our word for it, take advantage of the one week trial subscription and see for yourself (just remember to stop the recurring billing if you don’t want to continue past the free trial). We highly recommend Doom Patrol. Only 2 episodes in and we are already hooked. Give it a watch and let us know what you think in the comments. CHECK OUT THE GUYS THAT MAKE US LOOK GOOD SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET’S CONNECT! — Talk Nerdy to Me FacebookZia Comics FacebookZia Comics TwitterZia Comics InstagramTalk Nerdy to Me websiteZia Comics website LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST! – iTunesStitcherGoogle Play DoomPatrol #Robotman #CliffSteele #LarryTrainor #DianeGuerrero #CrazyJane #AprilBowlby #Elastigirl #AlanTudyk #EricMorden #MrNobody #MattBomer #NegativeMan #BrendanFraser #TimothyDalton #Chief #DCUniverse #NilesCaulder #cyborg

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