• January 22, 2022
 Video+Story: TNMT’s kinda spoiler-free review of Doom Patrol EP3 on DC Universe

Video+Story: TNMT’s kinda spoiler-free review of Doom Patrol EP3 on DC Universe

DC Universe pushed out Doom Patrol episode 3 and hoo boy… It keeps getting weirder.  It is weird in a good way, though.

We are still wondering just what Cyborg is doing in this story. We are considering Cyborg the Jar-Jar Binks of Doom Patrol. In this episode more is revealed about Larry Trainor’s relationship with the entity (Negative Man) inside him. We also get a little glimpse of the connection between the Chief and Eric Morden (Mr. Nobody). Most importantly we see the Evil Nazi mastermind that created Mr. Nobody. He has turned his skill into a theme park where prospective villains can come and pay to receive the super power they’d like to have. We are still liking the show, just not Cyborg. Again, Cyborg seems like he is forced into the story. Nothing about having Cyborg in Doom Patrol feels right. Unfortunately, it looks like we are stuck with him at least for most of Season One. Somebody please tell Batman to call him up to the Justice League so we don’t have to keep seeing him. Have you been watching Doom Patrol? Are you liking the weirdness like us or do you not care for the series? Let us know in the comments. CHECK OUT THE GUYS THAT MAKE US LOOK GOOD SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET’S CONNECT! — Talk Nerdy to Me FacebookZia Comics FacebookZia Comics TwitterZia Comics InstagramTalk Nerdy to Me websiteZia Comics website LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST! – iTunesStitcherGoogle Play DoomPatrol #Robotman #CliffSteele #LarryTrainor #DianeGuerrero #CrazyJane #AprilBowlby #Elastigirl #AlanTudyk #EricMorden #MrNobody #MattBomer #NegativeMan #BrendanFraser #TimothyDalton #Chief #DCUniverse #NilesCaulder #cyborg

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