• May 24, 2022
 Video+Info: Kinda spoiler-free review Doom Patrol episode 8

Video+Info: Kinda spoiler-free review Doom Patrol episode 8

We mentioned Danny the Street a few episodes back and now we finally get to meet him.

Danny is a non-binary, gender-queer, sentient street.  He has the ability to teleport anywhere and blend into existing streets seamlessly.  He communicates through different signs on the street.  He plays host to a myriad group of characters who have been shunned by society.  In return for them living on Danny Street, they do their best to keep him happy and entertained.

Another of Crazy Jane’s personalities is introduced in this episode. We meet Karen who is obsessed with romantic comedy (romcom) movies.  Every time her personality is in charge she runs off to get back together with her boyfriend just like in the movies.  We find out her powers are kinda like a hypnotizing thing where she flashes her eyes and the people immediately think what she wants.

This was another episode of What is Cyborg contributing to the story.  Eight episodes in and we still believe he could be completely removed from the story with no affect on the plot.  We are really hoping we will get to see some kind of closure to the whole Chief is missing thing before the end of the season.

Do you agree with us that Doom Patrol is weirdly good, but also seems to be dragging a bit right now?  Let us know in the comments.  We have also added a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts.  If they are good, we will use them on the show.  The number is (575) 323-1332.


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