Photo Courtesy of TTUHSC
Photo Courtesy of TTUHSC

Doting Dentist Donates Dental Drills Valued at $27,000

The Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso today announced a gift-in-kind donation valued at more than $27,000 from Anthony Bai, D.D.S., owner of AA Relax Dental Care in El Paso.


The Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic is the clinical practice of the Hunt School of Dental Medicine. The clinic provides dental students with hands-on experience in their first year — a rarity among the nation’s dental schools — while improving dental care access for residents of our Borderplex region.

“I’m thrilled to make this donation to the Hunt School of Dental Medicine, which is a long-needed asset to our community,” said Dr. Bai. “As an El Paso dentist, I understand the importance of providing students with hands-on experience using the latest technology and equipment in the field. The Hunt School of Dental Medicine, its students and its faculty are here to help underserved communities. This donation is my way of giving back and supporting the education and training of future dentists, making it a plus for El Paso.”

Dr. Bai’s donation consisted of several hundred dental drill bits, known as rotary endofiles, used for highly specialized dental procedures.

Fady Faddoul, D.D.S., M.S.D., professor and associate dean of clinical affairs with the Hunt School of Dental Medicine, praised Dr. Bai for reaching out to the school.

“Every donation we get is put to excellent use,” remarked Dr. Faddoul. “This specific donation has a clinical application that will help both our students and our community. We’re grateful for Dr. Bai’s generosity and commitment to advancing dental education in the El Paso community. Having a large inventory of rotary endofiles lowers our costs, allowing the clinic to treat more patients in need.”

Students will use the donated dental drill bits as they learn and practice various dental procedures.

Will Henard, senior clinical administrator for Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic, noted that gifts to the clinic serve a vital need in providing quality dental care at a lower cost for those facing financial barriers.

“A donation of this magnitude will increase the oral health care services we can provide to our patients,” Henard said. “Combined with grants, this gift translates into more discounted services for our community.”

In West Texas, the demand for dentists — especially those who provide bilingual care — is high. Combined with a critical need to provide oral health care access to traditionally underserved communities, the establishment of the Hunt School of Dental Medicine and its Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic has already made an impact within the region and the communities surrounding the university since its opening in fall 2021. Its students have experienced over 5,000 patient visits, logging in more than 7,100 clinic hours. As upward of 75% of dental school graduates open practices near their dental schools, Hunt School of Dental Medicine graduates are expected to address the oral health care needs along the U.S.-Mexico border for many years to come.

The Hunt School of Dental Medicine will graduate its first class in 2025. As it prepares future graduates, the school and the clinic welcome local supporters, like Dr. Bai, who studied dentistry at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Dr. Bai recalled that the involvement of UMKC alumni enhanced his experience as a dental student.

“Since the Hunt School of Dental Medicine is relatively new, they don’t have any alumni, yet,” said Dr. Bai. “Until they do, I think all local dentists can be of help.”

To support the Hunt School of Dental Medicine and the Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic, visit, or call 915-215-5943.