Education Commissioner ends state oversight of EPISD

State oversight of the El Paso Independent School District will end on Monday, Aug. 24, with the exit of state-appointed monitor Fred Liner, Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams said in a letter to Superintendent Juan Cabrera

Liner, a former Region 19 Education Service Center administrator, had been the District’s monitor since May, when he was tasked by Williams to help the elected Board of Trustees transition into office after two years of governance by the appointed Board
of Managers.

“The purposes for which the monitor was appointed have been effectuated, and, therefore, the appointment is no longer necessary,” Williams said in his letter, dated Aug. 18.

EPISD has been under state oversight since August 2012, when Dr. Judy Castleberry was appointed monitor, then conservator, following allegations of testing manipulations and fiscal mismanagement under the previous administration.

EPISD Board President Dori Fenenbock said the move by Williams to end state oversight should be seen as a vote of confidence and a sign that much progress has been made to establish ethical and proper procedures and regulations.

“There has been much progress in changing the culture of the District, and that is something that everyone in EPISD has had a hand in doing,” she said. “We are moving in the right direction and we take our self-governance very seriously.”

Fenenbock and Cabrera said they are grateful for the chance to work with Liner, and credit him with easing the transition from managers to trustees.

“He has a wealth of experience and insight. We are grateful for his time and input during this time,” Cabrera said.

Author: El Paso ISD