El Paso surpasses President’s Goal; City among top 7 for partial Covid-19 vaccination

Mayor Oscar Leeser announced Friday the the City of El Paso is weeks ahead of President Biden’s goal of having our country 70% partially vaccinated by July 4th

Via a news release, city officials say that 72% of El Paso’s entire 12 and older population has received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I am thrilled that we have not only met but surpassed the President’s goal weeks ahead of time,” Mayor Leeser stated. “This was possible due to the incredible community response we received, and to the outstanding cooperative efforts of our city management and our partners at the County, UMC, and all of the public and private health providers that helped us reach this important goal.  We can achieve great things when we work together.”

According to officials, El Paso is among the top 7 cities in the United States in vaccination efforts at # 7 with a 72% partially vaccinated community.

Additionally, El Paso has reached full vaccination of 58.4% of the 12 and older population.  That puts El Paso at 5th in the nation among all cities partially vaccinated.

“To go from one of the top COVID-19 infected cities in the nation last Fall, to 5th among all cities in the country with 72% of our population partially vaccinated is nothing short of phenomenal,” Mayor Leeser added.

“This demonstrates once more the incredible spirit of our community and the exceptional cooperative work of our city management and our partners. Thank you El Paso!”

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