Startups Pitch Competition
El Paso and NM Startups Pitch Competition

Startups Pitch Competition set for November for New Mexico, El Paso businesses

Ten startup entrepreneurs from El Paso and New Mexico will pitch their businesses to established investor judges for an opportunity to win $200,000 in prizes.

The competition, led by STTE Foundation in collaboration with various funding organizations, was created as an event to celebrate startups throughout El Paso’s entrepreneurial community and beyond.

Organizers see the contest as an opportunity to connect regional companies with national investors while simultaneously inspiring the next wave of regional entrepreneurs.

The participating businesses include:

Champria (Albuquerque, NM) is a web platform that allows grassroots esports/gaming programs to have a data-backed organized environment for teams/players to recruit top talent, practice against skill-relevant teams, and compete in community-based tournaments.

PainScan (Albuquerque, NM) is a bio-medical platform that maps pain intensity onto a “Digital Twin” using a custom 3D avatar.

Mercaíz (El Paso, TX) is a digital marketplace created to empower and educate under-represented artisans in Mexico to showcase and sell their work at a larger scale.

TNeuroPharma (Albuquerque, NM) is developing a biomarker that identifies Alzheimer’s patients before brain damage has occurred.

Parabeac (El Paso, TX) is a software company that offers a continuous design/integration conversion tool that makes it easy for both designers and developers to launch software products.
Oxy-Fit (El Paso, TX) is a medical product company that created the first wireless ear pulse oximeter device that measures oxygen saturation of body tissue, heart rate, pulse rate, pulse rhythm, trends, and apnea.

Pantheon (El Paso, TX) created a mobile, augmented reality, social fitness game that rewards people for being more active.

ORC Tech (Ohkay Owingeh, NM) is a technology development company that is currently developing a portable, wireless signal booster.

Metalx Biocycle (El Paso, TX) created a process that leverages biological functions of naturally-occurring microorganisms to efficiently extract, concentrate, and purify metals from waste electronics to make e-waste recycling economically viable and competitive.

ThyroidHQ (El Paso, TX) offers a platform for personalized thyroid function testing to drive better health outcomes for people living with hypothyroidism.

El Paso Dia del los Muertos Pitch Competition

Hotel Paso del Norte
November 6, 2021
9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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