El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Honors High School District Champions, Student Athletes of the Year

On Thursday, the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame along with their new title sponsor, the El Paso Sports Commission, announced the local high school teams and high school senior student athletes that they will be honoring this year.

“The annual Hall of Fame Induction Banquet is the time we usually honor these young men and women on their high school achievements not only on the field, but also in the classroom and in volunteerism in the community,” Hall of Fame President Ed Stansbury shared.
“Due to Corona Virus Pandemic and unable to honor these exceptional student athletes in our annual banquet setting, this year we are honoring all of the high school male and female athletes from each school as Student Athletes of the Year.”

Additionally, all the District Champions from the 2019-2020 High School sports season were honored as well.

Officials added that there is no selected date as of yet for the 2020 El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet, they will honor this special group of seniors and teams before they graduate with a ceremonial certificate that will be a lasting memory of their accomplishments.

“To honor those athletes, both men and women, who have in their athletic fields of endeavor brought great credit upon themselves and El Paso County,”  Hall of Fame officials said.

Name of School    |   Female Athlete    |   Male Athlete
Americas     |   Alicia Barron     |   Ryan Acosta
Andress     |   Gabriela Victoria    |    Colon Julius Ryan
Austin    |    Kianna Castaneda    |    Yazniel Escalera
Bel Air    |    Sonia Sato    |    Omar Zamora
Bowie    |    Jazmin Contreras    |    Daniel Enriquez
Burges    |    Kayani Ayala    |    Brandon Mojica
Chapin    |    Alexia Morales    |    Angel Contreras
Coronado    |    Savannah Bejarano    |    Jacobo Martin
Del Valle    |    Kaitlyn Cano    |    Miguel Mireles
Eastlake    |    Kylie Hernandez    |    Daine Kirtley
Eastwood    |    Angelina Prado    |    Mitchell Martinez
El Paso High    |    Mackenzie Tovar    |    Johnny Torres
El Dorado    |    Vanessa Gonzales    |    Kris Martin
Franklin    |    Danielle Gonzales    |    Omajuwa Etiwe
Hanks    |    Victoria Nunez     |   Michael Abeyta
Irvin    |    Stacey Marshall    |   Dominic Stiverson
Jefferson    |    Katrina Aguila    |    Javier Martinez
Montwood    |    America Rubio    |    Christopher Ramos
Parkland    |    Zoe Hankins    |    Donta Hayes
Pebble Hills    |    Payton Fields    |    Isaiah Davis
Riverside    |    Charlize Bustillos    |    Francisco Estrada
Socorro    |    Bella Padron    |    Matthew Pena
Valle Verde Early College    |    Darinka Carrasco    |    Jonathan Hernandez
Ysleta     |   Byanca Rivera    |    Lucas Flores

Anthony    |    Goddess Ruby Bush    |    Joshua Sanchez
Canutillo    |    Eliano Arellano    |    Joaquin Carrasco
Cathedral    |        |    Jordan Strathmann
Clint    |    Brisa Aguilar    |    Jonathan Garcia
El Paso Christian Home School    |    Katerie Martinez    |    Marky Rubi
Fabens    |    Belen Chavez    |    Jose Reyes
Horizon    |    Artyana Diggs    |    Daniel Rivera
Jesus Chapel    |    Kelly Ramirez    |    Edwin Hidrogo
Loretto Academy    |    Abigail Eudave    |   
Lydia Patterson Institute    |    Akbany Holguin Jr.    |    Ricardo Acosta
Mountain View    |    Nichole Estrada    |    Freddie Flores
San Elizario    |    Camila Contreras    |    Victor Unzueta

El Paso Sports Commission and El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Honored High School Teams of the Year | 2019-20

Eastwood High School Boys Cross Country Team Coach Michael McLain
Texas State Champions (University Interscholastic League – Boys 5A)

Eastwood High School Girls Wrestling Team Coach Troy Douglas
Texas State Champions (University Interscholastic League – Girls 5A)

El Paso Sports Commission and El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Honored District Champions Boys and Girls (2019-20)

El Paso Sports Commission and El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Honored District Champions Boys and Girls (2019-20)