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Saturday , June 23 2018
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The Magic Rock

El Paso Author’s New Book Looks to Help Children build Self-Esteem

A local counselor and author releases her third book in the hopes of helping children develop self-esteem.

Rochelle Shamaley, a wife and mother of a two – who also has a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy –  has released her third book, The Magic Rock. 

Shamaley’s previous books Buddy Finds a Home and Echo of Silence (a book of poetry) combine her favorite past times.

“Writing books for children combines my counseling training, therapeutic expertise, knowledge of self-development, and love of children,chuckrun with my passion for storytelling,” Rochelle shared.

She adds, “Children develop self-esteem and even have developmental shifts when they read captivating books which share morals in an entertaining tale.

Her new book, The Magic Rock, follows Chuck – a young boy convinced his bad luck will never go away. His entire life changes when his father gives him a magic rock that seemingly banishes his bad luck.

The change is short-lived when a school bully takes the rock from him, but that twist leads to a very rewarding and life-altering discovery.

The sing-song rhyming in the story, as well as the simple, yet touching illustrations, ease the reader into Chuck’s journey of self-confidence  and discovery.

To purchase your copy of The Magic Rock, click HERE

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