Photo courtesy Frontera Land Alliance Website

El Paso Community Foundation’s “Frontera Land Alliance Endowment Fund” Receives $50k for ongoing land conservation projects

A $50,000 donation earmarked for the Frontera Land Alliance Endowment Fund, was received Wednesday by the El Paso Community Foundation (EPFC).

Officials with the EPFC identify the donor as Richard Teschner, a long-time supporter of the Community Foundation and of Frontera. They say he gave the gift to benefit Frontera’s work on preserving land and negotiating conservation easements, legally-binding agreements between land owners and a 501(c)3 nationally-accredited land-trust organizations such as Frontera.

“I’m a great believer in using the law to conserve the land,” Teschner said, “and what better an organization to join with Frontera than the El Paso Community Foundation?”

The Frontera Land Alliance was founded in early 2004 and owns the 91-acre Resler Canyon property near Coronado High School, and holds a conservation easement on Thunder Canyon, just west of the Franklin Mountains State Park.

Frontera sponsors many guided hikes and other nature-oriented events. Most recently it has inaugurated the “Walk with a Doc” series, which brings doctors and patients together for healthy hikes on El Paso’s many scenic trails.

Founded in 1977, the El Paso Community Foundation has given almost $220 million to our region.  It manages an endowment for the charitable good, serving Far West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Chihuahua, Mexico.