Video+Gallery+Story: El Paso Cookie Quickly Becoming Borderland Favorite

I love to eat. My ever-expanding midsection bears testament to my love of food. Like most people in El Paso, I have my favourite restaurants for different types of food. For example, if I’m craving enchiladas montadas, it’s off to El Roble on Alameda and Padres. If I’m after a killer chilli relleno, then I head to the Westside of El Paso and El Rincon.

But if I am looking for baked goods, or killer chicken and waffles, then I head to El Paso Cookie, Inc.

El Paso Cookie, Inc is the coolest little bakery out in East El Paso. They have it all – cookies, cupcakes, challah. They even have breakfast and lunch, and that’s where the chicken and waffles come into play.

I first encountered El Paso Cookie when I was doing an interview with Nikki Gonzalez for Geek-A-Palooza. We picked El Paso Cookie as sort of a mid-point between Nikki and myself.

El Paso Cookie is owned and operated by Sally Schwartz.

“I decided to open up my place, I moved home exactly like two years ago actually,” says Sally, who is a native El Pasoan. “When I moved home, my parents encouraged me to open my place.”

For Sally, her path took her away from El Paso. She worked with other chefs, gaining experience along the way. Eventually, like most people who leave the city, she decided to come back.

“Everyone,” says Sally, “has to come here hungry, and roll out of here. Then go home and take a nap.”

From El Paso Cookie I’ve eaten more than a few items. I’ve had the chicken and waffles, which is amazing! When I lived in New York City, one of my favourite dishes was chicken and waffles from this soul food place on 125th. Since leaving NYC, I’ve been on a quest for something, anything to fill the gap. What Sally makes is better than anything I’ve ever had.

There are cupcakes topped with homemade ice cream – New York Cheese Cake Ice Cream that has homemade cookies mixed into it. The best one is the Chocolate Heritage Cupcake – it’s made with a recipe from World War Two!

There are cookies like the peanut butter and marzipan. Or the Abuelita chocolate cookies, which are my favourite cookie from Sally’s kitchen.

“I have something for everyone,” says Sally. And, she does. There are the vegan cookies and cakes, tarts, cakes, and more.

El Paso Cookie, Inc is more than a bakery. They also offer wedding cakes and consultations, as well as private dining and catering, cooking classes and more.

In my quest to find the best of everything in El Paso, I am adding El Paso Cookie, Inc to my list. She is a hit for chicken and waffles, the cupcakes and homemade ice cream, and those Abuelita cookies! Why not take a trip and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable experience? You’ll be glad!

So, out of my rating system of adding one to four notches on my belt, I give El Paso Cookie, Inc four full notches!

Visit them at 3020 Trawood Drive, Suite F (in the corner). You can also call them for more information at 915-525-5653

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