El Paso County Coliseum to host ‘Christmas Cheer Drive-In Mistletoe Movies’

Officials with the El Paso County Coliseum are playing the part of Santa this year, bringing big screen presents to the Borderland via their new Christmas Cheer Drive-In Mistletoe Movies.

On Monday, El Paso Sports Commission officials announced that the County Coliseum will host your favorite Christmas movies in December.

Starting on December 4th with Polar Express, movies will be shown at 6:00pm and 8:00pm/8:15pm nearly every night, ending on December 19th with ‘Elf’.

Coliseum officials remind movie-goers that both CDC and County Public Health Guidelines will be enforced.   Tickets start at $25 General Admission, available at universe.com.

Mistletoe Movies Schedule:

Friday, December 4: Polar Express, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Saturday, December 5: Jingle All the Way, 6:00pm & 8:00pm

Sunday, December 6: The Santa Clause, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Monday, December 7: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Tuesday, December 8: Home Alone, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Wednesday, December 9: Die Hard, 5:50pm & 8:15pm

Thursday, December 10: Bad Santa, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Friday, December 11: Gremlins, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Sunday, December 13: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, 6pm & 8:15pm

Monday, December 14: Home Alone 2, 5:50pm & 8:15pm

Tuesday, December 15: A Christmas Carol, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Wednesday, December 16: Edward Scissorhands, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

Thursday, December 17: The Nightmare Before Christmas, 6:00pm & 8:00pm

Friday, December 18: Office Christmas Party, 5:50pm & 8:15pm

Saturday, December 19: Elf, 6:00pm & 8:15pm

The El Paso County Coliseum box office can be reached at 915-533-9899.