El Paso County Hospital District’s 2022 Budget Approved By Commissioners Court

This week, El Paso County Commissioners voted to approve the Fiscal 2022 Operating and Capital Budget for the El Paso County Hospital District.

“We share this success with you, our community, our Board of Managers and Commissioners Court,” said R. Jacob Cintron, President & CEO.

“Your support for our hospital, its Associates and programs is directly related to the success we have caring for hundreds of thousands of patients each year. On behalf of our Associates, senior leadership teams and partners of the El Paso County Hospital District, thank you for being with us, shoulder to shoulder, with the shared purpose of bettering the health of our community.”

Additionally, as part of the approval of the budget, the El Paso County Commissioners Court approved the District’s reduction of the district’s property tax rate from $0.267747 to $0.258145.

Officials share that the approved budget and tax rate ensure UMC continues its growth and success providing access to exceptional healthcare to our ever-growing El Paso region.

One of the major initiatives included in the budget and approved by the UMC Board of Managers and all Commissioners Court members was a minimum wage salary increase from $11 per hour to $13 per hour that will be fully implemented by July of FY22.

“(This vote) ensures the continued high level of healthcare provided by the district for another year,” officials added.

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