El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Set to Host Annual ‘Safety Town’

Sheriff Richard D. Wiles and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will host Sheriff’s Safety Town June 26th through 30th, 2017.

Sheriff’s Safety Town will be held at the Sheriff’s Office Headquarter building, located 3850 Justice Drive, just off Loop 375 and Montana, in Far-East El Paso.

Safety Town provides children with a basic instruction in safety awareness through their own involvement in preventative procedures. A miniature town complete with streets, buildings, sidewalks, vehicles, stop signs, crosswalks, and traffic lights will be provided.

Instruction will be provided by a sheriff deputy, fire officers, and assisted by teenage volunteers.  Safety Town is open to children ages 4-7 (30 children maximum class size), from 8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m

This annual event provides important safety tips and information on subjects like:

§ Stranger Danger presented by McGruff

§ Eddie Eagle presents Gun Safety

§ Safety Pup presents 9-1-1 Emergency

§ Bike, General Traffic & Pedestrian Safety presented by Deputy Dawg

Registration per child is $10 and includes daily snacks and refreshments. To register children, please contact Deputy J. Ramirez at 915-538-5300 or Deputy A. Dickerson at 915-346-5982.