El Paso County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam threatening violence against family members

Thursday afternoon, officials with El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPCSO) let area residents know about a telephone scam, making the rounds in El Paso County

EPCSO says that residents around El Paso County have received phone calls from scammers, threatening to physically harm a loved one in an attempt to monetarily defraud their victims.

“The scammers/offenders use fear to intimidate the victim to wire money before the victim has the opportunity to check if their loved one is safe,” officials add.

Investigators are asking anyone who has received this call to gather as much information as possible to include names, phone numbers (caller ID), wiring details, or locations mentioned during such phone calls to assist law enforcement in investigating these incidents.

EPCSO add that if anyone has been a victim of these scams, they are asked to contact the proper authorities.

The El Paso Police Department non-emergency number is 915-832-4400 and the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number is 915-832-4408.