El Paso County Sheriff’s Office warns of ongoing phone scams

Thursday afternoon, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office put out a scam alert, as they continue to receive calls from El Paso citizens harassed by scammers impersonating various local entities in an attempt to steam money from residents.

EPCSO officials say the scammers have pretended to be the Sheriff’s Office, Social Security Office, United States Citizenship and
Immigration Services Office, El Paso Electric, Internal Revenue, the El Paso District Clerk’s Office and various non-profit organizations.

According to officials, the scammer/offender identifies themselves as a representative from any one of these organizations and then claims that the individual/victim has ignored one of the following:

  • Social Security investigation
  • Jury duty summons
  • Unpaid tickets, warrants or court summons

The individual/victim is then told they must make a payment to resolve the matter. In cases where a payment is requested, the victim is told to buy Money Trax cards or gift cards for varying amounts to resolve the matter.

After the victim purchases the money cards, the scammer requests the serial numbers displayed on the money cards so that the warrant
can be taken care of. Those numbers are then turned into cash by the scammer, effectively stealing the money from the unsuspecting victim.

“The Sheriff’s office would also like to remind citizens that they will never be contacted by phone requesting payment for missed jury duty summons, unpaid tickets, or outstanding criminal warrants,” officials added.

“Additionally, citizens are encouraged not to exchange any personal or financial information over the phone.”

The public can call the Sheriff’s Office Warrants Unit to confirm if there is an outstanding warrant in their name by calling 915-546-2214.

For any matters relating to jury duty please, residents can call 915-546-8102.