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Sunday , June 24 2018
Home | News | El Paso County Sheriff’s Offices Launches “Don’t Shoot” Initiative

El Paso County Sheriff’s Offices Launches “Don’t Shoot” Initiative

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will launch an initiative to curb recreational shooting (target shooting) conducted in the unincorporated areas of east El Paso County that affect those residing in the immediate vicinity.

The initiative will focus on educating El Paso County citizens on the dangers and consequences involved with recreational shooting. Sheriff’s Office deputies will increase patrols and maintain a high visibility of patrol units in the areas of Red Sands and around the Socorro Independent School District Students Activities Complex (SAC).

EPCSO officials say that, although these practices might seem harmless, they do affect the safety and quality of life of the residents living in the immediate vicinity.  Deputies will actively enforced the laws applicable to those found shooting.

In addition, Sheriff’s Office deputies will also enforce any violations to the county burn ban, curfew, or alcohol violations and the unsafe usage of all-terrain vehicles.

·          Don’t risk becoming dehydrated from the heat.

·         Don’t risk becoming lost in the desert areas of El Paso County.

·         Ricocheted rounds or accidently shooting a house is a possibility; don’t discharge firearms within 150 yards of residences, building, campsites or occupied areas.

·        Find a safe backdrop. Shots fired across the open desert can travel more than a mile.

·        Proper access to public lands must be through public roads. Crossing private lands to access public lands is not permitted unless you obtain permission from the landowner.

·        Do not shoot on private lands without the owner’s permission.

·        Shooting should only take place in areas well away from other concentrations of people and property.

·        Shooting across a road or trail is not permitted.

·        Shooting from a vehicle is not permitted.

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  1. Coulda swore state law requires you to be 500-600 yards away from a residence not 150yards