Photo Courtesy of El Paso Electric - The three-paneled artwork, Luces en el Cielo, will be permanently displayed in the foyer of the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center. Pictured left to right are Kelly Tomblin, President and CEO of El Paso Electric, Terrance Flores, Artist of Luces en el Cielo, and Deborah Zuloaga, President and CEO of United Way of El Paso County.

El Paso Electric Finds Permanent Home for Luces en el Cielo

On the cusp of the third anniversary of the tragedy in our community, El Paso Electric (EPE) has found a permanent home for the artwork titled Luces en el Cielo.

The artwork reflects the strong partnership with EPE, a remembrance of the 23 precious lives lost, and our path towards a resilient future. The El Paso United Family Resiliency Center (FRC) welcomed the beautiful art painting housed inside its offices on 6314 Delta Drive on August 1, 2022.
Last year, EPE’s Summer College Internship cohort worked closely with the United Way of El Paso County, the FRC, and local artist Terrance Flores to honor the victims and families affected by August 3, 2019 tragedy. Luces en el Cielo was first displayed at the Day of Remembrance Luminaria Drive-Through. “It was a pleasure working with EPE interns and staff,” shared Flores. “Luces en el Cielo pays remembrance to those we lost and help heal the community from the hurt it has experienced.”
“Working with Terrance Flores is a unique collaboration demonstrating a deeper connection and engagement. Together we stay strong supporting those in need, sustaining programs and initiatives unique to our community, and working together to create a thriving community,” said President & Chief Executive Officer of United Way of El Paso County Deborah A. Zuloaga.
“The collaboration between El Paso Electric and our community partners is essential to make sure that we can continue to unite, serve, and transform the community through these partnerships,” shared El Paso Electric President and Chief Executive Officer Kelly A. Tomblin. “Seeing the work of our past interns come to life is touching and commemorates the lives of those that we lost in this tragedy.”
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