El Paso Electric, Texas Gas Service unite to Honor El Paso’s Community Heroes

El Paso Electric (EPE) and Texas Gas Service have united to recognize and honor El Paso’s community heroes with a sweet gesture by donating Girl Scout cookies to every first responder within the City of El Paso’s Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services Team and 9-1-1 Dispatch.

With 1,100 first responders that serve the El Paso community, a box of Girl Scout cookies went to every worker to say ‘Thank You’ for their selflessness and bravery they show every day.

“At El Paso Electric, we understand the important work frontline workers do as we see our teams working every day to provide our community with reliable electric service and it makes you realize how much you appreciate everyone coming together to support our community,” shares EPE’s Vice President of Community Engagement Eddie Gutierrez.

“This is a small gesture of appreciation for the bravery of frontline and essential workers do to help move our community forward, from store clerks to nurses and doctors to first responders and utility workers. We were looking for ways to support the mission of the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest while also showing our appreciation to others who are doing so much for our community. We thank Texas Gas Service for their partnership with this initiative and hope it brings a smile to these hardworking individuals.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest (GSDSW), the region’s Girl Scout troop, faced challenges in making their annual cookie sales which serves as their major funding source.

A phone call was made to EPE asking if the company would assist by simply asking its 1,200 employees if they would be interested in purchasing cookies. This call started it all.

“We have always appreciated the support from El Paso Electric and the grant we apply for annually to their Community Partnership Program, so we decided to ask what we thought would be a simple request,” reflects GSDSW Chief Executive Officer Patty Craven. “We were overjoyed when El Paso Electric came back asking to set aside 1,100 boxes of cookies as they would be partnering with Texas Gas Service to donate them to El Paso first responders. We could not have asked for a better opportunity.”

Texas Gas Service joined EPE in purchasing the Girl Scout cookies that would be donated to every first responder with the City of El Paso.

“Texas Gas Service appreciates the hard work of our fellow frontline friends,” said Elizabeth O’Hara, Community Relations Manager of Texas Gas Service. “Helping the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest while giving emergency personnel a sweet “thank you” gift is an added bonus. We hope it helps the Girl Scouts have a successful year.”

The partnership between EPE and Texas Gas Service is part of a larger initiative led by EPE to honor the region’s Community Heroes as donations of Girl Scout cookies have also been made to El Paso Water, City of El Paso’s Testing Center personnel, and EPE’s lineworker and power station personnel. Deliveries were made possible by GSDSW and Feed The Frontline El Paso.