• May 15, 2022
 El Paso Electric warns of increasing scams; Offers tips to spot, report fraud

El Paso Electric warns of increasing scams; Offers tips to spot, report fraud

Over the last several days, El Paso Electric (EPE) has received multiple reports from customers about scam calls masking the phone number to make it appear as if it was originated by EPE.

“Most scams reported are impersonating an EPE representative attempting to schedule a meter replacement and demanding immediate payment to avoid service disconnections,” EPE officials share.

Scammers are falsely claiming that customers have experienced power outages due to a need for a new meter and should purchase a prepaid debit card at a store closest to them and provide this information by calling back a number provided by the scammer.

“In most cases, scammers are threatening and demanding in their approach pushing customers to call back within 30 minutes or their service will be disconnected,’ the utility company officials added.

“The phone number scammers are using replicate an EPE phone number making it challenging to decipher the legitimacy of the call.”

Customers are advised to stay vigilant by following these tips:

  • Always be suspicious of any call asking for payment, especially if they require payment with a prepaid debit card. EPE has various payment methods through authorized payment options, and none of them include prepaid debit cards.
  • EPE will never direct customers to an exclusive location to handle payment.
  • If there are any questions regarding the authenticity of the caller claiming to represent EPE, report the issue at (915) 543-5970, (575) 526-5555 or call toll free at (800) 592-1634. Scams can also be reported online
  • Do not offer any confidential information unless the customer initiated the contact with EPE customer service at one of the above numbers.
  • Be aware that the following pieces of information are considered personal or should never be volunteered unless you are certain you are speaking to an EPE representative:
    • EPE Account Number
    • EPE Monthly Electric Bill
    • Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number

If residents have any doubt about the authenticity of a caller, they are advised to hang up and call EPE directly at any of the numbers below:

  • TEXAS: (915) 543-5970
  • NEW MEXICO: (575) 526-5555

For a complete list of EPE authorized payment options or for financial assistance, please visit: www.epelectric.com.

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