Photo Courtesy ofEl Paso Fire Department
Photo Courtesy ofEl Paso Fire Department

El Paso Fire Department Hosts Firefighter Class 101 Graduation Ceremony

The El Paso Fire Department will host its Firefighter Class 101 Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

The group of dedicated men and women will be honored for reaching their goal of becoming El Paso Fire Department Firefighters. This achievement required months of hard work, intense training, challenging study, and an unwavering commitment to the goal of preparing themselves to serve our community and the City of El Paso.
During the ceremony, the trainees will have their badges pinned for the first time by their loved ones and take their oath, symbolizing the transformation into a member of the El Paso Fire Department. The ceremony will be live-streamed via the El Paso Fire Department’s Facebook account.
The EPFD is also proud to share that among the 45 individuals graduating from Class 101, 3 of them are female. Class 102 currently has 2 females enrolled, totaling 5 potential female graduates. The Department reinforces its commitment on recruiting a diverse membership that reflects our community and breaks common stereotypes about the fire service.