El Paso High Centennial Celebration Continues Thursday Night

The centennial celebration continues at El Paso High with the fourth installment of the EPHS Alumni Legacy Series — 100 Years of Excellence in the Arts, highlighting the artistic contributions of alumni over the years.

“The celebration of the arts is another perfect example of the 100 years of excellence that the Lady on the Hill stands for,” alumni president Michael Montes said. “We have so many fabulous artists that call EPHS their alma mater, such as painter Tom Lea, actress Lupe Ontiveros, as well as humanitarian and folklorico dancer Rosa Guerrero to name a few.”

The event will feature an interactive multimedia production, and an art exhibit and sale with original works by El Paso High alumni. The event is Sept. 8 and begins with a reception at 6:15 p.m. in the school’s main hall. All proceeds from the art sale will benefit the EPHA Alumni Centennial Fund, which supports centennial projects.

Local celebrity and El Paso High alumna Felipa Solis will be the featured speaker of the evening.

The legacy series, created and directed by former El Paso High theater director Liz Gaidry and Class of 1962 alumna Lee Schwartz, integrates photos, a video footage, and interviews of alumni and friends to celebrate and share memories of El Paso High.

“The goal of ‘100 Years of Excellence in the Arts’ is the same as with all other Legacy Series: to honor the birthday of the building, as well as the people who attended school there,” Schwartz said. “The building, itself, is a work of art.”

Schwartz and Montes, along with many other generations of students that have walked the marble halls, feel the same about their alma mater.

“It’s fitting for such a special place of unique and exceptional architecture, the building is like a piece of art itself,” Montes said. “I strongly believe that plays a significant role in nurturing the minds of all the exceptional artists that have called EPHS home.”

The yearlong celebration will also include a 100th birthday celebration on Sept. 18 and an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest high school reunion on Oct. 8.