El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ‘Celebrating Milestones’ in October

October is a very busy month for the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (EPHCC), as several important milestones will be celebrated.

Along with celebrating the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 30th Anniversary, it is also Women’s Small Business Month and the Women’s Business Border Center’s 20th Anniversary.

“The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has remained an effective organization for 30 years because of its efforts to serve the ever-evolving small, Minority and Women owned business community, in the border region,” officials shared.

“Your El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce believes we each have a fundamental, moral obligation to help each other, our ultimate goal is for our clients to thrive and outpace other markets. We stand by our mission as the EPHCC celebrates its 30th year anniversary in 2020.”

In celebration of Women’s Small Business Month in October, the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is highlighting success stories from Women Owned Small Businesses throughout the El Paso Borderland.

In recognition of these outstanding businesses, EPHCC has created a weekly series highlighting local Women and Minority owned Small Business owners.

This series is set to start Thursday, October 8th and will be featuring four well known businesses. The Women’s Business Border Center (WBBC) will also continue our series Dynamic Women to Women, which is our now virtual webinar that features Women entrepreneurs through the community that facilitates mentorship, networking and growth.

“Women are no longer working within the shadows as they are the visionaries and creators of their own dreams. Their dreams do not only benefit within themselves but also within their communities. This is why the WBBC is here – to inspire and empower tomorrow’s entrepreneurs”, stated Mary Helen Aldeis, Project Manager of the WBBC.

The WBBC has received many honors throughout its 20 year history, such as, the Regional Women’s Business Center of Excellence bestowed by the U.S. Small Business Administration; and was awarded a contract to host the Women’s Business Center National Conference in El Paso, the first conference to be held outside of Washington, DC.

Over the last 10 years, the Women’s Business Border Center has counseled and trained 18,835 individuals, has assisted 662 startup businesses to open their doors, has assisted in connecting clients to $12,084,833 in operating capital, and have helped to facilitate the creation and retention of 2377 jobs.

 “Women owned small businesses are continuously at the forefront or our nation’s economy and are a cornerstone of El Paso’s economic development and success. Proving, they are the key to fostering continued economic prosperity by creating jobs and contributing to help El Paso grow.” stated Cindy Ramos-Davidson, CEO of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.