El Paso International Airport unveils new Arts and Culture Exhibit

Thursday afternoon, officials with the El Paso International Airport unveiled a new exhibit featuring artifacts and photos from around the area, highlighting the culture, beauty and history of the region.

The new exhibit, named “Ancient Cultural Crossroads,” showcases the photography of Wayne Suggs and artifacts from permanent collection of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology.

Suggs is an award-winning photographer whose work can be seen in national and local publications. His images are hung in galleries around the Southwest and have recently been named in the top 101 photographers internationally.

Additionally, Suggs teaches photography for Muench Workshops, and his photography encompasses areas throughout this part of the Rio Grande region.

The archaeological materials feature ancient rock art left by the Jornada Mogollon, Mimbres, and possibly Casas Grandes cultures. These three groups were the most prominent ancient cultures influencing our area between AD 1000 – 1450.

Living descendants of these ancient peoples (Tigua, Apache, Manso, Piró) live amongst us today, forming a culturally vibrant sector of our El Paso community.

The exhibit will be on display through September 2021.  Photo gallery courtesy City of El Paso