El Paso ISD announces immediate ‘homework freeze’ during virtual learning

Officials with the El Paso Independent School District announced Tuesday evening a ‘homework freeze’ for nearly all students involved in virtual learning.

Via a social media post on their Facebook Page, officials shared that they informed teachers of the freeze earlier Tuesday.

“While district-wide virtual learning continues, EPISD has placed a freeze on homework. The freeze will be re-evaluated once in-person instruction starts district-wide,” the social media post read.

Officials shared that the freeze is meant to “limit screen time for students during virtual learning and reduce unnecessary stress on students and parents during the pandemic.”

According to the post, the freeze does not apply to students in Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and International Baccalaureate courses. Homework for students in these programs should be offline as much as possible.

District officials added that: “students who specifically request work or want extensions or enrichment activities can receive additional work, but the work will not be used as graded assignments.”

“EPISD values the social and emotional well being of all students and staff, and believes this decision aligns with our beliefs,” district officials concluded.