El Paso ISD Introduces New Program that Connects School and Home

EPISD launched a new on-line resource with tools for parents to help their child with their homework and stay connected to their school.

InSync Education, available at insyncedu.com, supports student academic achievement and engages parents in their child’s learning process.

“This program guides parents on how to help students at home and support teachers,” said EPISD Family Engagement coordinator Angie Ramirez. “It’s a great resource, and is available in both English and Spanish.”

For Patricia Munoz InSync provides step-by-step instructions to help her grandson complete the homework he receives at Lee Elementary School.

“I use the lesson on phonics the most because my grandchild has been having a hard time learning how to read,” Munoz said. “It’s helping him learn the different sounds.”

Munoz likes how the program provides more than one way to solve a problem and how a search yields resources, such as videos and research materials.

“Whenever you are stuck on a subject, whether it be reading, math or science, InSync gives you a way to research it and figure it out,” Munoz said.

To log on, parents must receive a password from their child’s campus. Once they are connected they can look up help on any given topic by typing in the search bar or using the dictation option to simply speak a command.

InSync has more than 2000 standards-aligned resources in language arts, math, science and social studies and tools to improve skills in homework, test preparation and next grade readiness.

In addition, the program provides access to social emotional lessons, such as dealing with bullying. For high-school students there are college and career readiness resources, offering overviews in career and technical education, college preparation, financial aid activities and much more.

“At first parents were unsure about the program, but once we explained what it was and how it could help they became interested,” Lee parent engagement leader Maribel DeLaO said.

DeLaO knows the connection between school and the home is pivotal to a student’s success. To help parents sign up the staff at Lee open up the computer labs during parent/teacher conferences.

“We want them to know they have access to these kinds of resources,” DeLaO said. “Their help goes a long way in improving overall student performance.”

Munoz agrees. She encourages other parents to use InSync to help support learning in the classroom.

“When they go home, if we don’t help them they aren’t going to get very far. We need to help them,” Munoz said. “I tell other parents to give it a shot. It is our responsibility to help our children succeed.”