Photo courtesy EPISD

El Paso ISD opens pre-k slots to non-qualifying families

Parents of 4-year-old children in El Paso County now have another option for their little scholars: El Paso ISD has spaces available for its dual-language, full-day pre-k programs.

Normally reserved for students who meet federal qualifications for service, EPISD’s innovative pre-kindergarten program has slots available throughout the city for families who otherwise wouldn’t meet the federal guidelines.

“Any 4-year-old student whose family lives in the county can enroll to receive dual-language instruction and get a head start on their education under the guidance of certified teachers, nationally recognized STEAM curricula and 21st century technology,” El Paso ISD officials shared.

Dual-language openings are available only in the schools listed below. A selected number of schools  have monolingual pre-k slots available when noted.

• Barron
• Clardy
• Collins
• Cooley
• Douglass
• Duran (dual language & monolingual)
• Guerrero
• Herrera
• Johnson
• Lamar
• MacArthur
• Moreno

• Moye (monolingual only)
• Newman
• Nixon (dual language & monolingual)
• Park
• Powell (dual language & monolingual)
• Putnam
• Rivera
• Stanton
• Sunrise Mountain
• Tom Lea (monolingual only)
• Western Hills
• Whitaker

For more information on El Paso ISD’s pre-k program, and to begin the enrollment process, click here; Officials add that spaces are limited.

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