• May 18, 2022
 El Paso ISD Student Artists to Show Surrealist Work Through October 27

El Paso ISD Student Artists to Show Surrealist Work Through October 27

The EPISD Fine Arts Department presented the K-12 Student Art Exhibit “Dream a Little Dream” Surrealist Expressions, opening Thursday night at the International Art Museum. The opening was attended by hundreds of people.

All EPISD students were encouraged to participate in this art show and share their surrealist stories and dream-like imagery with their peers and with our community.

The art show currently displays close to 300 pieces in all mediums and categories: drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and collage.

In addition to the student art exhibit, our young artists who attended the opening reception received the opportunity to enter an art supply raffle where many of them won color pencils, acrylic paints, drawing pencil sets, paper tablets, pastels and much more.

“The Surrealist exhibition is one of our most popular events due to the fact that student get a chance to “dream” and produce magical artwork to share with our community. Surrealist expressions went beyond the walls of the art museum the day of the opening,” said Fine Arts Visual Arts facilitator Rosa Aguilar.

Teachers, students and staff attended the opening reception dressed in their dream like or surrealist attire to support the young artists.

“The art exhibit shows a chronological order from elementary to high school level work. The audience is able to view the growth not only in technique and skill but also in the complex storytelling and concept of surrealism. I encourage all of our community to stop by and view the incredible creativity of our students, the quality and craftsmanship of this art show has set the tone for the rest of our EPISD art exhibits,” Aguilar said.

The exhibit will be on display from October 4-27, 2018 at the International Art Museum, located at 1211 Montana Avenue.

Story and photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

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