• January 28, 2022
 El Paso ISD Students Honored at Texas PTA Art Contest

El Paso ISD Students Honored at Texas PTA Art Contest

Fourteen talented students from throughout EPISD participated in this year’s Reflections art contest from the Texas PTA, and four of them received awards during a ceremony in Austin this weekend.

Reflections is a national art contest that rewards students for their creative talents in six categories: dance choreography, literature, film production, photography, visual arts and music.

This year’s contest theme was “Within Reach.”

The four EPISD students that received special awards are:

  • Jacklyn Quarles from Coronado High School, Award of Excellence in visual arts. To view Jacklyn’s art click here.
  • Eleanor Schoenburn from Franklin High School, Award of Merit in photography. To view Eleanor’s photo click here.
  • Taylor Silverman from Lincoln Middle School, Award of Merit in film production. To view Taylor’s film click here.
  • Diego Lares from Mitzi Bond Elementary School, Honorable Mention in photography. To view Diego’s photo click here.

The following students also participated in the contest:

  • Leena Alqadi, Mitzi Bond
  • Alison Antonini, Western Hills Elementary School
  • Sara Gauer, Mitzi Bond
  • Evangeline Jorjorian, Lincoln Middle School
  • Kirsten Larsen, Lincoln
  • Laila Martin, Lincoln
  • Walter Mitchell, Coronado High School
  • Emily Mullen, Coronado
  • Danika Scholten, Hornedo Middle School
  • Kaia Thompson, Tippin Elementary School

Author: Gustavo Reveles – EPISD

UT El Paso

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