El Paso ISD’s ‘Operation Outreach’ going strong in its 8th year

Members of the community and EPISD leadership visited Juan Perez Friday and convinced him to return to school and finish his high school education. Perez, 19, left Bowie High School last semester to work and care for his two-year-old daughter.

news2_2227_mThe visit was part of the District’s annual Operation Outreach program, where the Alpha Team, EPISD staff and dignitaries knock on doors to convince students to return to school.

“I am so happy because this is what I want for him,” Juan’s mom Edelmira Perez said. “I really appreciate that they took the time to come out and that they care about my son.”

Operation Outreach through the Alpha Initiative provides access to an array of resources and individualized education programs to help remove barriers and meet students’ educational needs.

“It’s been a struggle because I had to work and pay child support,” Juan Perez said. “But this is a great opportunity to finish school.”

Miriam Villalva and Carlos Franco also left school to work and take care of their baby, and both agreed to return to school and finish their studies after a visit from the Alpha team.

news3“We weren’t aware of all the opportunities that were available to us,” Villalva said. “I’m really glad there is a lot of staff and people that care about students that drop out.”

Mark Mendoza, director of Student Retention and Truancy Prevention, kicked off Operation Outreach at Ed Center by swearing in as official Alpha Team members EPISD Board of Trustees, Superintendent Juan Cabrera, County Commissioner David Stout and other pivotal District and community representatives.

“The bottom line is there are any number of things that happen in the student’s life that may keep them out of school,” Mendoza said. “We are here to help and provide services that will make a difference in their lives.”

Author: El Paso ISD