• May 26, 2022
 El Paso ISD’s PSAT/SAT Day Looks to Help Students be College Ready

El Paso ISD’s PSAT/SAT Day Looks to Help Students be College Ready

On Wednesday, high school students and eighth-graders throughout EPISD will participate in SAT School Day, a District initiative to create more pathways to college.

“The SAT School Day initiative is vital to our students in grades 8 through 12 because it allows them to practice and maximize their score on exams that can help open up a world of collegiate and financial aid opportunities,” said Richard Couder, College Readiness facilitator.

All seniors will be taking the SAT while students in the eighth-grade, freshmen, sophomores and juniors will take the PSAT. All testing will happen at the students’ home campuses.

“This year, our superintendent challenged all of our high school students to spend a minimum of eight hours practicing on Khan Academy prior to the SAT School Day,” Couder said. “Research shows that just eight hours of practice can raise student scores by 90 points on average. ”

The test for eighth graders and freshman (PSAT 8/9) differs from that of the sophomores and juniors. While the test itself for 10th and 11th are the same, the juniors’ test is the PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test) to determine National Merit Scholars.

Students have been preparing for the exam by logging on to the Khan Academy for tips and practice questions.

For those taking the test on Wednesday, EPISD provides the following tips to prepare for the test, courtesy of Khan Academy:

The Night Before:

  • Relax!There are a lot of good reasons NOT to study the night before Test Day. Marathoners don’t go for a run before Race Day, and mental marathoners like you shouldn’t study for more than an hour on the day before you take the SAT. Your brain needs to rest in order to do its best. Read a book or hang out with a friend or two.
  • Avoid screen time.You’re going to need to get a good night’s sleep, and bright screens (televisions, phones, movies) will wake up your brain and make it more difficult to drift off at an early hour.
  • Have a healthy dinner.Drink lots of water and load up with complex carbohydrates, just like marathon runners do: potatoes, pasta and rice are good choices here, as well as protein and vegetables.
  • Organize your bag for Test Day.The night before is the time to put your ID, admission ticket, pencils, calculator, batteries and other gear in a bag by the door.

Test Morning:

  • Wake up early and have a healthy breakfast. Here are a few good choices: eggs, toast, cereal, bagel, fruit, juice, cheese, milk.
  • If you drink coffee or tea, then stick to your routine. If you don’t drink a caffeinated beverage every day, though, Test Day isn’t the time to start. You need calm, slow-burning, consistent energy today.
Story by Reneé de Santos  |  Graphic by Martín A. López  – EPISD

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